Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Babe Boycotts Exercise

When writing about my nightly migraines, I'd failed to mention that another constant in my bedtime routine has been squats & push-ups. Doing what I could to ward off the flab. I now think this light exercise may have been a major culprit in triggering my migraines.

The first migraine last week started during a walk/run outside with BC (during the running part). The next 2 came after squats/push-ups in the evenings. So now, in addition to getting ready for bed each night by nightlight, I've ceased the before bed strengthening.

Around 7pm last night, I decided to do some gentle leg lifts. I laid down the yoga mat & propped myself up on my side. I could tell my legs had gotten soft, as these exercises were much harder than they used to be when I was attending Pilates 2x/week! Toward the end of the leg lifts, my awesome flashing migraine lights began.


It appears that at this point in my pregnancy, any light exercise- running, squats, push-ups, or leg lifts (for crying out loud!) is triggering a migraine. Apparently this baby does not like me to work out, and prefers his/her mama soft and flabby. Awesome. The only logical physical explanation I can conjure up is that maybe the increased weight of my uterus is now pushing on my ocular nerve or something like that, making me more prone to migraines when I exert myself? Seems plausible enough.

I'm going to have to cash all my chips into the genetic pool- I've gained about 3 lbs so far in this pregnancy (as of this morning I was up 2.8 lbs), and my mom held onto a rockin' body after birthing 3 children. I can only pray and hope I am as lucky, as it appears my days of exercising are on an indefinite hiatus.

If you discover my arms & thighs waving in the breeze next time you see me, please say something sweet about the growing miracle of life inside me.  I'll need the reassurance, cause this babe is definitely calling the shots now....

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  1. Try prenatal yoga! Only exercise I've been doing through the pregnancy, but it's all about strengthening (not aerobic at all) and helps keeping baby out of bad birthing positions!