Monday, June 18, 2012

17 Weeks, a New Niece, and a Visit from Arlo

As referenced in my previous post, the past week has definitely been an interesting one in my pregnancy journey! I ended up having migraines 3 nights in a row- nights 2 and 3 happening right after my normal bedtime routine. I've now taken to washing up by nightlight, in case the bright bathroom lights reflecting in the mirror were a trigger. I've also forced myself to get off the computer by sunset each night- thinking that perhaps my eyes were getting strained with the more limited lighting. So far, so good.

I became an aunt again this week!! Lance's sister Anna had a beautiful baby girl on June 15th- the first little girl in both of our families! We have 6 nephews on Lance's side and one on mine. Her parents are spending some time with her before finalizing a name, but for now, here are a couple shots of her absolute deliciousness:

Can't wait to kiss that face!

We had some special visitors over the weekend- our friend Steph & her son Arlo! The only thing that could have made the visit better is if Steph's wife Anj could have joined. Arlo is an inquisitive, robust, charismatic little 2 year old (he is 27 months old today!) who is already completely potty trained (they started the "Elimination Communication"technique with him when he was 3 months old). It was so much fun to have a little one's energy in the house! Fun and exhausting.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our visit:

 Otis meets Arlo. 
The cats weren't too sure about this little fast-moving human!

 He LOVED playing in our water fountain

 Playtime with BC

Nothing like naked toddler time at the breakfast bar

Here are my 17 week updates:

How far along? 17 weeks

How big is baby? About the size of an onion- 5.1 inches long, weighing in around 5.9 ounces. He or she can now hear us fully, and can taste whatever I am eating! The baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the placenta is growing stronger & thicker. At my doctor's appointment last Thursday they were able to find the little one's heartbeat almost immediately- a healthy 150-152 beats/minute. That has got to be the most amazing sound ever.

17 weeks and growing....

Weight gain? I was up 3 pounds at my doctor appointment, and it seems another 4 ounces have stacked on over the weekend (I am eating plenty, but still hardly ANYTHING is coming out of me. Damn constipation).

Sleep? I had another manic night of dreams after my first migraine last week, but other than that still good.

Food cravings/aversions?  I've been having an aversion to cereal and yogurt this week (trying to make myself eat SOME yogurt for the constipation). Still loving cheese- that is definitely one constant with this pregnancy!

Symptoms? This week was as doozy with the upkick in migraines & last Tuesday morning's throw up sessions. I was having a lot of round ligament pain last week- pulling/stretching on the sides of my uterus. I also had a tiny bit of pink spotting after a bathroom visit yesterday (which of course freaked me out!) but nothing since. Had some gentle cramping this morning. My boobs are still sore and seem to be slowly but surely continuing to grow.

Maternity clothes? I have started stocking up on summer dresses for work & play- some official maternity dresses, others just great comfy dresses with empire waists (I scored at Ann Taylor Loft over the weekend- LOVE that store!)

Most looking forward to? Starting to order nursery furniture! I visited a few big baby stores last week for initial research, and quickly discovered it can take 9-12 weeks for any ordered furniture to come in. This means we need to decide on items and get ordering soon! I made BC come with me to Buy Buy Baby Friday night after dinner to approve some baby items I'd checked out earlier that day. He was remarking what a hot date night that was, but overall was a trooper! I learned from that visit that he trusts & will defer to my judgement for almost everything we need to buy and order baby related. I am just fine with that, and have already started a preliminary baby registry to keep track of baby loot.

I'm also excited for our upcoming 4th of July celebration in Houston (held the weekend before this year)- where many of my out of town relatives will be coming up for a visit, including my pregnant cousin! It will be so fun to compare our expanding bellies and pregnancy notes. : )


  1. Your bump is definitely growing!!

    Constipation was the worst for me during the 1st trimester, mostly because I couldn't eat anything with fiber in it. All I ate was chicken and chicken soup and crackers, basically. And don't forget to drink water...

    Really? things take 9-12 weeks? :( I don't want to order things now but it seems like if that's how long it takes to get to us then we might have to!

    1. Robin- I am totally with you feeling like it is early to buy things (I am superstitious like that). I have heard they often say 9-12 weeks for certain items but they *usually* come a lot earlier. I would definitely start looking at furniture now, so you can find out exactly how long the pieces you love will take to come in. That was a huge wake-up call last week- along with the price tags on everything! Eek.