Saturday, June 30, 2012

Boy or Girl?

As we anxiously patiently wait to find out if Baby Lambert is a boy or a girl, I thought it might be fun to play with some Old Wives Tales' predictions to see how our odds stack up! Here we go.....

Old Wives' Tale #1: If you are carrying high, it is a girl. Low= boy

I feel like I am in the middle! Here is a shot from last week at 18 weeks:

Conclusion? Could be boy OR girl- we'll have to see how that belly progresses

Old Wives' Tale #2: If the heart rate is below 140, it is a boy. Above 140 is a girl. This little one's heart rate clocks in at around 150 beats/minute.

Conclusion? Girl

Old Wives' Tale #3: If you are craving sweet things, it is a girl. Salty or sour cravings = boy

I definitely had a huge aversion to sweets early in the pregnancy, but can now eat them just fine. That being said I am not craving them- I tend to crave more salty snacks (though this was the case pre-pregnancy too).

Conclusion? Boy

Old Wives' Tale #4: Mayan Legend says they could determine the baby's sex by looking at the age of the mother at the time of conception and the year of conception. If both were even or odd, it's a girl. If one's even and one's odd, it's a boy.

I was 36 when we conceived, and the year is 2012.

Conclusion? Girl

Old Wives' Tale #5: If you are breaking out and have bad skin, it's a girl. Good skin means a boy.

My skin has been great this whole pregnancy, with the exception of a few stray blemishes in the early weeks.

Conclusion? Boy

Old Wives' Tale #6: If you have a lot of morning sickness in your pregnancy, it's a girl. Little to no morning sickness means a boy.

I was pretty darn nauseous from weeks 6-12, the worst being the 7-10 week stretch. I still get nauseous in the mornings if I don't eat fast enough.

Conclusion? Girl

Old Wives' Tale #7: The Chinese Birth Chart

This one is a bit confusing. Every version I find has a field to fill in the month of conception (March)- but some versions then ask for the age of the mother at conception, while others ask for the age of the mother when she'll give birth.

Conclusion: If based on the age at conception (36) and the month conceived (March)= girl. If based on the age at birth (could be 36 or 37!) and the month conceived, it says boy!

Tallying all of those Old Wives' Tales up gets us to 3 votes girl, 2 votes boy (2 of the categories were inconclusive).

As far as my own intuition? I've been feeling girl this entire pregnancy. However, that being said, the last 4 friends & families' pregnancies I've had strong feelings about go like this:

*Sister-in-law Julie: I swore it was a girl! She gave birth to our sweet nephew Nick
*Sister-in-law Anna: I just knew it was a girl! She gave birth in June to her beautiful daughter Magnolia
*My friend Amy: pregnant with twins, I felt it was a boy/girl combo. She has 2 little boys due in November!
*My cousin Amy: I was sure she was carrying a girl. Her active little boy is due in September.

So I have a 1/4th track rate... not so hot- and looks like my boy radar is way off.  I figure if my intuition is anything like my sense of direction, then this little one is definitely a boy!

If you are a regular reader of my blog (or even just stopping by) I'd love to hear YOUR guess! What do you predict Baby Lambert will be? 


  1. I think you're actually carrying low and I give more credence to the opposite of the heart rate thing, so I just piled the cards in the boy corner.

    I'll say boy!

  2. I say girl... I just "knew" I was having a boy until SHE arrived on her due date so I might not be the best guess but I feel girl for you:)

  3. Your intuition is worse than random! Random would be 50/50! So... if you *know* it's a girl, then it must be a boy!

    Also, my boy has a higher heart rate than my girl (boy: 150, girl 130).