Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Farewell, Sweet Mr. Otis

On Monday night we quite suddenly and unexpectedly had to say goodbye to our sweet kitty Mr. Otis. He was 14 years young.... and  I will always remember the day I found him at my favorite pet store in Madison, Wisconsin. He was a teeny tiny kitten with huge blue-green eyes, and just the sweetest little thing ever. I was immediately smitten.

He's been with me through 10 moves (one across the country!) and 3 serious relationships. He's seen me transition from a student to a nanny to a teacher to a Realtor. He comforted me through almost 3 years of infertility and a miscarriage, and has been a faithful companion throughout our current pregnancy.

Otis was one of the most talkative cats I have EVER known- he sounded like a grouchy old man, though he never, ever bit anyone his entire life. He loved bread & snuggling on my lap while I worked. He was constantly annoyed by his little brother Sam, and also by the dust bunnies in our house- which he went around eating as if to say "you guys are SLOBS!" He was deathly afraid of plastic bags, wind, & rain. There were many stormy nights when he'd be howling & I'd have to snuggle him like a baby to soothe his tense little body.

I know that his bright spirit will live on. I will miss kissing his soft face & looking into his huge, expressive orange eyes. Farewell, sweet Mr. Otis. You were VERY loved and will be VERY missed.

Mr. Otis Adams-Lambert, March 1998- July 2nd, 2012

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  1. So sorry to hear about your kitty loss :( It sounds like he had a full and loving life with you.