Wednesday, July 4, 2012

19 Week Updates

I'm a bit behind on my weekly updates. Work has found me extremely busy- and I am welcoming the distraction with open arms. I have about 4 months left to build up our "baby fund" to have some time off with our sweet little one, so I need to rock n roll while I can!

How far along? 19 weeks

How big is baby? Weighing in around 1/2 lb, the baby is now about 6-8 inches long.

Weight gain? Up 3.5 lbs

Actually a 19w3d bump... definitely starting to pop out a bit more!

Sleep? My 'witching hours' returned for a few nights- where I wake around 3am with my mind racing & am then up for at least an hour trying to settle back to sleep. This usually corresponds to my work schedule, as there are a lot of to-do's crammed in my brain that seem to want to be addressed in the middle of the night.

Symptoms? I think the migraines are finally starting to get under control. I began talking a natural magnesium powder before bed each night, and (knocking on wood) haven't had a migraine in a week. The magnesium also has the added side effect of easing up the constipation. Woot!

I've been having tightness around my right hip- where the round ligament is. If I sit too long and then stand, it takes a while to stretch and ease into standing straight again. I've also been having some lower back tightness.

The coolest thing this week? On Monday night, at 19w2 days- I felt actual, undeniable kicks going on!! They are always just to the right and a little below my belly button. They'll come in little waves- several "pop pop pops" within 30 seconds before it is quiet again. On Tuesday I felt them 3 distinct times throughout the day. It is amazing, and I am so excited to know they will only increase. I can't WAIT for BC to be able to feel these too- when I laid his hand on the stomach the other night all was calm, and he surmised he had a relaxing effect on the baby. Last night I also had my first experience of actually seeing my skin "pop" out a bit where a kick was! Love, love, love it.

Food cravings/aversions? This week sautéed spinach is tasting amazing to me. I am still not hip on chicken (haven't been this entire pregnancy)- but this baby does appreciate a fine steak. : )

Most looking forward to? The delivery of nursery furniture this weekend! Seems early, I know... and was kind of a fluke. I went into Buy Buy Baby last week with the intention of ordering the set we loved, which I was told could take 9-12 weeks to come in. Low and behold the floor models were on sale and available for a huge discount, so I seized the opportunity to save money and the crib, dresser, & hutch will be arriving Saturday.

I also can't wait to share with all of you what we are having! We actually found out last Thursday and surprised my family with the news over the weekend. Stay tuned for my next post which will share the happy news.... we'll see whose predictions were right!

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  1. OMG you know and you haven't told us?! LOL. You look great, can't wait to hear if baby is a boy or a girl!