Wednesday, July 25, 2012

She Guards Her Heart

I had my first official appointment at Nurture OBGYN yesterday, and got to see this adorable little lady again:

I may be biased, but isn't that one of the cutest profiles you've ever seen?

At our initial Anatomy Scan (where they looked at all her organs, measurements, etc) the ultrasound tech hadn't been able to get a good picture of Baby Girl's heart, due to her position and how much she was moving around. So yesterday Nurture wanted to repeat the A/S to hopefully get some better shots. And she was still being stubborn! She was lying with her back facing up to the ultrasound wand, and no matter what jiggling or side lying was done, she wouldn't budge. She was also dancing and wiggling around like crazy, making it really hard to get pictures.

So tomorrow I am being sent for a THIRD scan where hopefully they will get the pictures they need (and truth be told, there are worse things than getting to see our little girl again)! One thing the tech did mention was that my amniotic fluid was measuring on the "high side of normal." This wasn't brought up as a concern at my first scan, and I know fluid varies day to day, so I am really hoping tomorrow it is in the 'comfortable' side of normal. Baby Girl didn't show ANY signs of anything that might cause the extra fluid, so here's hoping tomorrow she reveals her healthy heart to us and all looks good! 

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  1. Another scan!! Always welcome, right? I hope she cooperates and everything is looking fine in there!! Adorable picture :)