Monday, July 23, 2012 FAIL

I can't believe I am typing those words.

I got my first package of sweet baby clothes today (the first in likely many days of deliveries- I've gone a little crazy on that site). Here are the pieces that arrived:

Adorable, right? I love the fabric!  However, look more closely- neither outfit has ANY SNAPS OR ZIPPERS ANYWHERE ON THEM. How the heck am I supposed to get these on a baby? And heaven forbid if I need to change the baby while she is in the outfit....

You can bet I am going to be much more careful when ordering outfits moving forward. Perhaps I can get a local seamstress to add snaps to the pants of each outfit- though after paying the cost to do this, the sale price doesn't seem quite so attractive. Now I know why certain clothes are so discounted! The baby apparently can't even wear them.

On a somewhat different tangent, have I ever mentioned the recent love affair I've been having with France/French related books? Particularily those about American women who moved to France and documented the differences between our 2 cultures. Several examples of books I've read in the past 6 months:

*Lunch in Paris
*Paris in Love
*Bringing up Bebe

And yesterday in a baby book buying frenzy, I picked up "French Children Eat Everything," which I can't wait to start. I am especially fascinated by the differences in child rearing, eating habits, & sleeping habits between our two cultures.

So it was only fitting that this morning I had coffee with an old friend who has been living in Paris for several years. She brought with her a lovely gift for Baby Lambert from the University she works at:

Snaps and everything!

No pressure, Baby Girl, but oh would mommy and daddy love it if you decided you wanted to attend a French University some day. Might be just the excuse we need to realize our dreams of moving abroad.

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