Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Highs and Lows

Wowza... I have been experiencing some serious pain the last 2 days. Apparently it is "round ligament pain," and it is intense. I've had it off and on for the past couple of months- but never so bad for such an extended period of time. It is the absolute worst when I get up from sitting, like my entire lower abdomen- especially inside my right hip wrapping around to my right lower back & rectal area- are clenched tight. It is extremely hard to walk and move, and I am sure there were many bystanders today giggling at my Frankenstein lurches. The pain in the rectal area is quite a treat- relieved somewhat this morning with a bathroom visit, but now tugging & hurting again. I do feel like my belly has noticeably "popped" in the past couple of days, so I'm sure all of this growth is causing some confusion for my body.

Now how am I supposed to install 3 huge real estate signs in the ground at 3 different new listings tomorrow? I am seriously worried about that- the stakes are hard to get in the ground & require using a mallet while bending over to drive them down. Sweetness. I'll be the hot sweaty pregnant Realtor trying to flag down neighbors to take mercy on me.

I had a chiropractic session scheduled for this afternoon- hoping for some relief- but alas I just got a call that the doc got a migraine & is canceling patients for the day. I am now working while lying down on the couch- the *only* position that is somewhat comfortable.

Upon my nurse's recommendation, I did pick up this Medela support belt while running errands today:

This pregnancy is making me sexier by the second.....

I am re-scheduled for the chiropractor tomorrow morning & will go to prenatal yoga after that...here's hoping something helps! Since the worst of the pain happens after getting up from sitting, I have also ordered a yoga ball chair and a cushion to sit on in the car. Game on, round ligament pain! I am coming for you.

Those are definitely some of the 'lows' of pregnancy. The 'highs?' 


Oh.my.goodness. It is seriously cute, dangerous business, this expecting a baby girl. I've been picking up pieces here and there- knowing that little ones go through a LOT of outfits. So fun!

 Lots of adorable newborn footed pajamas

 Looking ahead toward the Austin summer when she'll be 6-9 months old

Baby bonnets! Too, too much

Sounds about right

I've cleaned out & started organizing the nursery closet, and this weekend we will move the futon to the 3rd floor. I've been spending way too much time researching the best baby gear, and am slowly but surely compiling a registry toward our early fall baby shower.

After almost 3 years of struggling to get pregnant, I am fully embracing the highs AND the lows of this pregnancy, feeling absolutely grateful for every step in the journey. 



  1. Ha, sometimes I'm super jealous that people know their baby's sex just because of the clothes shopping! LOL.

    Definitely highs and LOWS of pregnancy, I hope the belt helps you but the good news is that most pregnancy symptoms don't stick around too long so hopefully you'll feel better soon!

  2. Enjoy it! You deserve to.