Friday, July 6, 2012

4th Wedding Anniversary and Our Gender Reveal!

Four years ago today I woke up with butterflies in my stomach, knowing that this was the day I would marry my best friend- my sweet BC. We'd been together 2 1/2 years, living together for 1 1/2 (through a major house remodel no less!) and were so ready and so excited to make things official.

We got married at the beautiful Barr Mansion in Austin, surrounded by 75 of our closest friends & family. The day couldn't have been more perfect- ending in a fabulous fireworks display and the Honeymoon Suite at our beloved Driskill Hotel.

Here are some of my favorite shots of BC and I on our wedding day:

We're married!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes......

Our big Anatomy Scan ultrasound last Thursday, June 28th! This is an in depth look at the baby- measuring everything from the heart to the brain to the legs. One thing I learned from this appointment? I think I need a new doctor. After the scan was complete we had an appointment with my OB, and I assumed she was going to go over the results with us. It was the first time BC was meeting her, and she didn't even acknowledge him. Seriously? She also informed us another doctor interprets the scan results for her, so we wouldn't hear anything that day (and I still haven't heard anything back!). She said upon first glance all looked normal, but that it wasn't uncommon to get a call back in to meet with a perinatologist, even if there wasn't anything serious. Thanks a lot, lady. So glad we had this appointment to hear that.

We knew we could find out the sex of our baby at this appointment. We'd brought a special card with us- requesting that the ultrasound tech write down the results in the card and not share them with us at the appointment. BC and I wanted to unveil the news later that night at a special dinner, just the two of us.

The card I oh-so-carefully picked out. Didn't want it to be too boy or girl looking. 
This design looked cosmic and gender neutral to me.

I also, in my frou-frou ways, wondered if my pedicure that morning foreshadowed news to come?

Here are a few shots of our little one from the appointment.... hmm... boy or girl?

We could not WAIT to get to dinner, so of course made 5pm reservations. I felt like the card was burning a hole in my purse- pulsating with the news of whether we were expecting a son or daughter. I couldn't shake two things from our ultrasound appointment:

*I could have SWORN I heard the tech say "he" at one point when talking about the baby's profile

*When we were looking the other way as the tech took the 'money shot' picture, I listened to the clicks of her typing and didn't hear many clicks, leading me again to think she was more likely typing "boy" than "girl."

And here is what we found when we finally opened up the card........

A little girl! A daughter! We were absolutely over the moon with the news, and I was grateful to know my mommy intuition wasn't as flawed as my sense of direction!

 A couple shots just after learning the news

So, so happy!!!

We couldn't wait to surprise my family with the news at our big 4th of July family reunion last weekend. They had NO idea we'd found out what we were having. We spent the day casually polling everyone about their guesses, and talking about how excited we were to find out the sex 'in July.' Little did they know that the cake I'd brought for dessert had a very special colored layer of frosting inside of it....

After dinner, we decided it was time. I called everyone into the kitchen, saying we had an announcement. My mom immediately began sobbing- she totally knew what was happening and was so overcome with emotion. It was adorable. We told my parents that the cake would reveal what we were having, and with shaking hands, my mom cut in to reveal the pink frosting interior. Everyone was crying and hugging and rejoicing in the news- it was AWESOME.

Moments after the big reveal!

The well disguised cake

As we all dispersed back outside, a brilliant rainbow emerged from the stormy sky. You can't make this sort of thing up! An absolutely perfect end to a perfect day.

Sweet baby girl, we cannot WAIT to welcome you into the family!!
You are so, so loved.


  1. Congrats on baby girl! And I learned from my ultrasound tech that they always say "he" if the couple chooses not to find out the sex! So you probably did hear them say "he" =)