Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nurturing Myself

Ever since my Anatomy Scan, when I was less than impressed with my current doctor's bedside manner (I still can't believe she didn't even acknowledge BC!), I've been on the hunt for a new "home" for my pregnancy journey. I've had visions of personal, attentive care... providers who actually remember me and want BC to be involved in this process as well.

I LOVE the midwife/birthing center models, and we did a Meet and Greet at a fabulous downtown birthing center called Birthwise. We loved the group of midwives, loved the facilities, and I especially loved the deep birthing tubs. However, I know myself, and know that I am likely to be MOST relaxed on the big day somewhere where I know medical backup is close at hand.

Our next stop was a tour of St. David's North hospital and a Meet and Greet with a unique group called OB-GYN North that has 3 midwives & 3 OBs working together. You meet with a different practitioner for each pre-natal visit, and every day of the week one of these ladies is on call and her ONLY job is to be present at the hospital with her laboring mamas. They have a very laid back, 'birth is a normal and healthy process' attitude, and also boasted a low c-section rate of 11%. I don't know if it was the lemonade they were serving (I never have lemonade) or her approval of the group itself, but Baby Girl was kicking up a STORM during the event- so much so that BC got to feel her for the first time! I took that as a sign that we were on the right path....

Which brings me to yesterday, my last Meet and Greet at Nurture OBGYN. This is a boutique office in North Austin that has one midwife and one OB working as a team. They were actually previously a part of the OB-GYN North group but branched off on their own to offer even more personalized care to their clients. Their office has cucumber infused water, cookies, apples, & cool art on every wall. They only take on about 12-15 births/month, and schedule a full 30 minutes for every patient appointment. They also boast a very low (10%) c-section rate, and genuinely want to get to know their clients. They even do a postpartum home visit one week after birth! One of these ladies is always at the hospital with the birthing mama- in the past year, there has been only ONE birth where they had to have another doc provide back-up. They also talked about & referred to BC many times during our visit- wondering when they might get to meet him as well!

Needless to say, I've found a new home- and am SO happy to have discovered this small, intimate practice- where I get personalized care with a midwife AND a doctor, and still will labor at a renowned major hospital where drugs resources are close at hand.

I also thought is was pretty fitting that the Nurture groups' symbol- seen here- is amazingly similar to the one and only tattoo I got years back. That is a story unto itself.

In conclusion and for your viewing pleasure, I bring you a few photos from my Great Tattoo Adventure of 2007- where I very vividly remember declaring that I thought the pain of getting a tattoo must be similar to the pain of childbirth. Ha!

 You're going to do what to me?

Hurt like #*%&@%@*%

I found that biting my hands & humming helped the pain.
For some reason "Battle Hymn of the Republic" was my chosen tune, and yes, BC & the tattoo artist were laughing at me the entire time.

Tell me they are almost done...

Voila! My finished sunshine (which is much less bloody these days).
It was only AFTER this was done that BC told me about the term "tramp-stamp." Sweet. I was so proud.

Pain? What pain? Let's do another! 
I think the amnesia following the pain of a tattoo is probably similar to the amnesia after childbirth- allowing one to have subsequent tattoos and children (though for me one tattoo is PLENTY)

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