Saturday, July 14, 2012

21 Weeks and a Bachelorette Party

We celebrated my good friend Lisa's impending nuptials Saturday night in proper Bachelorette form- i.e: with lots of penis paraphernalia:

 The bride to be in her special hat opening presents

 BC's boob mug made an appearance

The gang- TERRIBLE angle of me, as I ran into the shot to make the camera timer and was unfortunately closest to the lens. Note to self: don't ever crouch like that again with your arms on your legs for photos! Not cute.

We dined at Lambert's downtown and Lisa's hat proved to be an excellent centerpiece

Three out of the 8 ladies at the gathering were pregnant! And one had to get home to relieve a babysitter for her newborn. Happily the non pregnant ladies represented after dinner- with a bit of bar hopping for the bride. We all had a great time, and are so excited for this next chapter in Lisa's life.

In other news, I would like to come clean with an addiction I've recently developed. It is called "," and it is truly as evil as it is fantastic. Every day this site sends me an email with about 8 links to the most adorable baby clothes manufacturers at clearance prices. And every day I cave and buy something. It has seriously become a problem. Friday I even forbade myself from opening that morning's email link... but by evening I became weak and started browsing, finding more outfits I Baby Lambert is going to have one fine zulily wardrobe, that's for darn sure.

On to my 21 week updates:

How far along? 21 weeks

How big is baby? She is apparently the size of a pomegranate (I don't even know what those look like!) or a banana- about 10.5 inches long, and 12.7 ounces. This week the baby is learning her "circadian rhythms," starting to sleep and wake in cycles. I definitely notice her moving around every night just after I lay down for bed... which I'm sure will be awesome once she is here and I am trying to get some rest! The baby's weight gain will start to slow a little as her brain and heart development take off in the next few weeks. 

Weight gain? Yesterday I was officially up another 1/2 pound for a total of 6 pounds. 

 There's almost a pound of baby in there! 
She was definitely giving me 'growing pains' last week

And a fancy Bachelorette dress belly shot

Sleep?  Really good and sound. I had a brief 2 hour romance with a pregnancy pillow called "The Snoogle," hoping it would help with the ridiculous ligament pain I had last week. I fell blissfully asleep cuddling my new Snoogle. However, when I awoke 2 hours later my neck was sore & cricked, so the Snoogle spent the rest of the night on the floor and was returned to the store the following day. I am still finding my back the most comfortable sleeping position. I've heard mixed opinions on back sleeping in pregnancy, as it is believed to restrict blood flow to the baby as your belly gets heavier. The majority of the ladies on my November mamas board (yes I'm a nerd- that board is an AWESOME resource for information!) concur that my body will tell me when back sleeping will no longer work. For now I will sleep any way that allows me a great nights' sleep, as I know those days are limited!

Food cravings/aversions? Still nothing notable. I have been enjoying something sweet in the evenings- and continue to love cheese and avoid chicken.

Symptoms? The round ligament pain episode earlier this week was a doozy. Happily, it was only awful for about a day and a half before subsiding. I think removing a pillow from between my knees while sleeping helped, as did seeing my chiropractor. BC was also amazing and went out to help me put all my real estate signs at my listings this week. All which got multiple offers the first day on the market, making my work world insane (but believe me I am not complaining- still in the home stretch to bolster our 'baby fund' all we can before November!)

The last 2 mornings I have also woken up with slight nausea & a slight headache. I still keep peanut butter crackers next to the bed, so that is helping.

I had my first daytime leaking episode yesterday as well....I tell 'ya, this pregnancy stuff is HOT. I was with clients looking at a house and felt a warm whoosh. I was a bit freaked out, praying it was not blood. Nope. Just awesome leaking. Sadly, I think it's time to start wearing liners daily.

Most looking forward to? Settling on a new doctor. Post on that to follow....


  1. Oh look at that! You've really popped now! All that RLP was definitely doing something! I notice anytime I have a lot of RLP or I'm REALLY tired or REALLY hungry baby grows quite a bit soon after. You look great!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I was hoping that pain was due to the baby growing, and it appears it was. : )

  2. You look gorgeous. Cheers to Lisa!

  3. Yeah my yoga teacher also told us that our bodies will tell us when to stop sleeping on our back. It's true, it was only recently that lying on my back became super uncomfortable (mostly because I couldn't breathe).

    Also, do you get round ligament pain mostly when you are standing up? I had to start standing in a new way in order to avoid the pain, which is to kind of bend over as I stand and then straighten slowly. It takes longer but if I stand quickly then I often get those pains and then I end up sitting back down again anyway.

    PS your bump is so cute!!!

    1. My ligament pain happens when I get up from sitting- something about the sitting position doesn't bode well for my ligaments. After standing awhile or walking it is usually better, and it does always take a bit of time to stretch it out!

      Good to hear about the back sleeping- I am on board to continue with it until my body tells me otherwise. : )