Friday, April 12, 2013

5 Months Old!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 5 months old! People always comment about how smiley and happy you are. You are definitely generous with your smiles- you have so much deep joy within you. We've also heard a few fleeting giggles- so precious, and something we hope to hear a lot more of!

Here are your 5 month updates:

How old? 5 months today!

Telling me how many months old you are! Such a prodigy. : )

How big? You were 11lbs, 2oz over Easter weekend.... and you'll have your next official measurements at your 6 month appointment. Here you are comparing your stature to Sam's:

That inchworm is 24 inches long... you may be getting some of your Papa's height!

*You mastered grabbing things this month! You love reaching out both arms to grab toys, faces, your toes, etc. You also love grabbing my hair & get a mischievous grin on your face when I tell you 'no!'

Testing out your grabbing skills with your friend Coleson

Toes! Your new Baby Bjorn chair makes them easily accessible.

*You are getting so strong & are able to sit up very well in your Bumbo chair!

We pulled out the Bumbo play tray today and you loved it

*You've started making 'oooooo-eeeeee' babble noises

Talking AND toe grabbing- two of your favorite hobbies!

*Moving to your own room & crib! We are now on night #4 in your own room, and the last two nights you have cooed & talked to yourself, then gone quietly to sleep without hardly any fussing. I am so grateful you find your nursery peaceful and are sleeping so well in there!

Current likes:
*Spit raspberries

We've invested in a few new teether toys due to all your drooling & hand chewing!
Here, you and your Papa work on sharing.

*Napping or cuddling in Mama's arms

You love to hang out in our guest room. Between the ceiling fan, the mirrored closet, & our snuggles- you are definitely in your happy place!

*Playing on your play mat
*Being outside!
*Playing with your tutu (but NOT wearing it!)

This is one of your very favorite new things to play with

*Playing "Peek-a-boo" with a blanket
*Play dates with other babies

Your play date with twins Coleson & Grayon

Current dislikes:
*Being held by anyone other than Papa or Mama (stranger anxiety has already set in!)
*Staying in your carseat when we go out to eat
*Tummy time

A rare tranquil tummy time moment as you convene with your stuffed animal buddy

Postpartum body:
*I am actually now 2 pounds UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight! My pants are all a bit baggy. Going for daily 40 minute walks coupled with breastfeeding, no dairy, & not having a lot of time to eat is proving to be an effective weight loss strategy.
*I am still losing hair like crazy. Every shower yields a couple handfuls. Hoping this slows down soon!
*My right wrist has been getting frequently strained- likely because you are getting so big.

A few "Mommy and Me" shots:

What do I miss? I've been craving alone time. Simple things like a trip to the coffee shop, a pedicure, or a solo shopping spree are genuine treats these days that definitely help me feel more balanced. BC was asking me tonight if I think I should schedule a girls' nights out... sweet of him to wonder about, but what I really, truly desire is just some quiet, independent me time!

Most looking forward to? I am getting SO excited for our two week road trip that begins at the end of May! Can't wait to head out and visit so many family and friends.

Here are a few outtakes from your 5 month photo shoot today. You are such a doll, sweet baby girl, and your Papa and I love you dearly!

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