Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sleep Training Updates

Tonight was night #3 of Sleep Camp for Iyla Grace. And wow... I am so impressed by our little lady. To recap:

Night #1:
Cried initially 23 minutes
Up at 11- cried for 15 min
Up at 2:45: nursed, right back to sleep
Up at 4:30: cried for 10 min
Up happy & smiling for the day at 7:15

Night #2:
Cried initially for 21 minutes
Heard a faint cry at 2am but she went immediately back to sleep- may have cried out IN her sleep?
Up to nurse at 5am- that is the longest stretch she has EVER done!
Up happy for the day at 7:45

Night #3
WENT TO SLEEP WITH NO CRYING. I kid you not. She talked and talked & cooed in there for awhile, and I was SURE when she realized she was tired with no paci in her mouth she'd start up... but nope, quietly & calmly went right to sleep!

Now naps? Those are another story. I felt like I was seriously putting Iyla through torture today with crying it out during nap times. This led to a very overtired baby, and a very upset, stressed out Mama. Iyla and I spent the entire afternoon cuddling, where I happily let her nap in my arms for over 2 hours. My instinct is that she isn't quite ready for nap consolidation... I will continue to lay her in her crib when tired, but if she cries will get her and try other means of rest. I knew she was ready for nighttime training- and she is proving that indeed this was the case with how well she is doing- just as part of me KNOWS it isn't quite that time yet for naps.

One of the brief 15-25 minute naps she took in her crib. 
Sadly, she spent about 3x that amount of time crying. 

And this was our afternoon. Both of us seriously needed the cuddles!

And just for cuteness' sake, Iyla playing in her new Baby Bjorn chair.

The last couple of nights with her in her own room I have been waking up constantly, both from habit and from Mama Bear worry. Every little noise I hear has me checking her monitor, making sure she is OK and still breathing. I know each night will get better... and I do know this is the right step... so here's hoping I will start feeling more relaxed & rested again soon! We are definitely on the right track.

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  1. Yay Iyla! Same thing dawned on me today when I put the baby in the crib for a nap and he put himself to sleep and then slept for 2 hours, he IS FINALLY READY for nap training. He just wasn't before and I didn't have the heart for it. Trust those mama instincts! And good luck, I hope she continues to give you those amazing nights!