Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Week in Review

This week, Iyla spent time reading books in her Bumbo chair:

She read books to her animal friends:

She took many, many naps in Mama's arms:

She practiced her yoga moves (and had her first trip to a Gymboree class. Eh):

When Iyla was born the nurses at the hospital remarked about how flexible she was... a true yogi in the making!

This girl seriously loves to use her feet

She said goodbye to the ostentatious exersaucer:

What? You are selling my new exersaucer? 
(Cue her to being over it immediately. It was just way too much for our home & space, & is now better serving a set of 6 month old twins. A much more modest doorway jumperoo is on its way).

And JUST today- she started giggling a lot more!! It is the cutest thing ever!

Yes, I know how to work my parents.

She also was (mostly) cooperative as I got two new listings on the market- one of which went pending immediately with multiple offers. The other listing just hit today- but I expect it to go just as fast, given the insane sellers' market we are currently experiencing here in Austin.

As far as Iyla's nighttime sleeping goes, her most recent MO has been waking to nurse at 1am and again around 5am, then getting up for the day around 7. As much as I'd prefer to only be getting up 1x/night, I can handle this current schedule. If it continues this way for several more weeks I may try to help eliminate the 1am nursing session- but most likely in a couple of days she'll mix it all up again anyway.

If there is one thing I can count on, it's that this little lady loves variety and will continue to keep us on our toes!

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