Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Week in Photos (and BC's Birthday!)

Life has been keeping us busy with sweet Iyla... and the whole napping in my arms thing doesn't leave much time for blog updates! So I bring you another update in photos from Iyla's past week.

Last Monday (April 29th) was my sweet BC's birthday. This marked the EIGHTH birthday we've celebrated together! Here are a few highlights from birthdays past. After his 40th (in 2010) we stopped photo documenting, likely because the celebrations became more low-key.

2006- celebrating in Florida after having dated for 3 months.

2007- met friends out at Lambert's downtown. 
Check out Lance's shirt... that was an epic night.

2008- celebrating at our beloved (and much missed) Mother Egan's Irish Pub.

2009- dinner before meeting friends out at the Longbranch Inn.

And here are several from Lance's big surprise 40th birthday celebration, where his brother Chad flew in to surprise him and his sister Julie came in from Houston:

This year, Lance wanted dinner out with a few of our friends and requested that we get a babysitter. My Aunt Sheri came over and watched Iyla- her first sitter since my MIL was here when Iyla was 2 weeks old! They had a lot of fun together, and Sheri documented some of the adventures:

This past week Iyla had plenty of snacks on her toes:

She celebrated BC's birthday by wearing her birthday suit:

She indulged in a little dress up time:

She went for walks almost every day, and had some awesome new poses to show off:

She became increasingly interested in Sam:

She worked on teething with her favorite Zo-li sticks:

She tried watching some cartoons on Mama's computer (but wasn't super impressed):

She went out for a stroll on a chilly evening:

She helped supervise Papa's landscaping work:

She met up with her twin buddies at story time:

She had fun making faces in the mirror:

She had lots of lots of play time:

And she had a silly photo shoot with Mama on her changing table:

Phew! Another busy, fun-filled week in the life of Iyla Grace.

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