Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Recap & Iyla's 6 Month Appointment

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day Weekend. It surprised me how important this day was to me, and I truly appreciated everyone who acknowledged & rejoiced in it with me.

On Sunday morning, BC took the morning shift with Iyla (who lately has been thinking 6am is an awesome wake-up time) while I slept in... to 6:45. Darn that internal clock! I had a luxuriously long shower before heading out to my fav coffee shop for breakfast. Then I set off for a MUCH needed pedicure- pure bliss!

The most unexpected surprise of the day? My pedicure guy (yes- it is almost all guys at the place I go to! They are all fantastic) chased me down after I left, saying he had something for me. He disappeared into a back room outside the salon and came out with a beautiful orchid plant. So, so sweet.

My lovely unexpected flowers.

When I got home Iyla proceeded to quickly go down for a 2.5 hour nap! Sam decided to join and snuggle in, and while it was SO cute, I had to shoo him away when Iyla started rubbing her eyes uncomfortably (I think she may have a very slight allergy to him).

Sam and my Marshmallow babe. Sweet while it lasted!

BC and I headed to one of our favorite local wine bars- Uncorked- for dinner, luxuriating on the outdoor deck in the gorgeous spring weather. Our good friends Andy & Julie met us there, and Iyla was hamming it up and charming everyone!

After dinner I asked BC to take a couple photos of Iyla and I for Mother's Day. That little lady was SO tired and ready for bed that the only way we could get any decent shots was for me to play the 'toss the baby in the air' game. Here are a few from our little session:

In other news, I was able to procure a high chair for Iyla over the weekend! I've been intrigued by the Stokke high chair from its reviews, but had never seen one in person and also didn't know that I could rationalize the cost. On Saturday I stopped by a local baby store to peruse their high chair selection, and lo and behold- they had a Stokke complete SET in stock for an amazing deal that included the infant insert, seat cushion, AND food tray. Plus I had a 20% off coupon, so i grabbed it. It goes perfectly with our home's decor and isn't too Disneyland-ish or ostentatious. It is also a piece that will transition and grow with Iyla throughout the years.

Happily Iyla seems to love it as well! For now we are getting her used to it as a new play space. We've decided to hold off on starting solids until AFTER our big road trip, so she'll start that adventure mid-June upon our return.

Big girl in her new high chair.

Iyla had her official 6 month doctor appointment today. She was a bit hesitant & fearful at first- I think because she was remembering her last traumatic appointment to the doctor over Easter weekend. She got her groove on quickly, however, and by the time her regular pediatrician came in she was in full CHARM mode, showing off her "stand UP, sit DOWN" game skills... smiling, giggling, and just being overall darling.

She is still a teeny little thing- 12 pounds, 3 oz and 25 1/4 inches tall. She's in the 25-50% for height, and now in the 2-5% for weight. Her lady parts are no longer trying to fuse together (yay!) and the best news of all was that her neck & flat spot were looking MUCH better since our last appointment, so it looks like we may just avoid a helmet! Praise the Heavens.

Iyla was super brave for her FOUR shots. She initially cried (how could she NOT?), but stopped quickly after they were done and has been a trooper ever since. She did feel a bit warm and has been fussier than usual this evening, so we gave her a little Tylenol & put her to bed early.

My little rosy cheeked post-shot babe! 
She saw herself in my camera & was quite delighted.

Who's that cute baby?

She also loves seeing herself in the mirror! 

All in all it's been a great weekend & start to our week. Iyla and I are pretty much over our colds, the weather is divine, and maybe, just maybe, BC and I will yet get our long awaited date night!

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