Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tummy Time Revisited

It's no secret that Iyla has NEVER liked Tummy Time. One of the first moves she mastered was flipping from stomach to back, in order to quickly get off her belly.

At her last myofascial therapy appointment, the therapist did some releases toward hopefully helping Iyla be more comfortable on her belly. Amazingly enough, ever since that visit she seems much more at ease in that position- though still isn't preferring to stay there very long to play. When we hold her in a standing position, she has started to lean forward and have us help her down to her belly, at which point she kicks out her legs behind her in a preliminary crawl position. I wouldn't be surprised if the next month brings us a more mobile baby!

Last night after I put Iyla to bed I was watching her on our video monitor (which we affectionately call "Boo-Boo TV"). That little lady did a couple complete barrel rolls in her crib! I couldn't believe my eyes. I have NEVER seen Iyla roll from back to tummy before. She was just chatting away and rolling all over the place. After about 15 minutes of this, she totally passed out on her side without so much as a whimper.

When I checked the monitor an hour later, this is what I saw:

She had rolled onto her belly again and was sound asleep in that position! I freaked out a little bit, since she has never slept like that before. A quick post to my November Mamas online board resulted in about 15 ladies reassuring me that she'd be just fine, and that many babies end up preferring to sleep on their tummies.

Iyla did a lot of flipping around throughout the night, alternating between her side and her belly to sleep. I was checking in on the monitor many, many times to make SURE I could see her breathing. I am super tired today, but my baby is ALIVE and FINE.

Just another chapter in the "just when you think you know your kid..." book!

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  1. Rest easy, once they can get themselves onto their tummies and back you no longer need to worry about keeping them on their backs =) Jett's been sleeping on his belly since he was tiny because colicky babies tend to sleep better on their bellies and I was willing to try ANYTHING at one point, he's always been a much better sleeper when he sleeps on his belly, I've never found him in his crib on his back.