Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adventures of a Human Marshmallow

After yesterday's events, I'm now rethinking naps in the swing- even with the straps.

So today, when Iyla started giving me tired signs (rubbing her eyes, fussing) while laying on her play mat, I decided to wrap her cozy 'nap' blanket around her burrito style to see what happened. Her little eyes fluttered in sleepy delight. I didn't think that was the safest way for her to nap, but was definitely on to something.

Then... THEN I remembered the "Magic Sleepsuit" I'd purchased a month ago on recommendation from a few other moms who SWORE by its comforting nature. It's pretty much like zipping up your baby into a padded, pillowed straight jacket. Case in point:

Obviously it is also AWESOME future blackmailing material.
It's as if I procreated with The Marshmallow Man himself.

The best part of this arrangement is that now I can have her napping on the ground right next to my desk. This little one has been up to more shenanigans since yesterday's Grand Flip of 2013- and I am not about to take any chances!

It seems when Iyla has an extremely sleepy day- like yesterday- it's as if she is cocooning new skills that all of a sudden emerge and take flight when she wakes up. Yesterday she figured out how to somersault out of her swing. Since then, she has absolutely entered full throttle into the Wonder Week's 'Relationships' leap. She is inspecting every toy and object in an entirely new way- turning it over in her hands, tasting, throwing, twirling, pulling to see just what happens with each maneuver.

A few examples from the past 24 hours:

*Standing with my support, she wrapped her right arm around the bar of her play mat and slid down it to a sitting position! THREE times in a row... as if to say, 'wow, this is cool- let's try that AGAIN.' I supported her weight (she would topple over otherwise) but let her freely explore the full range of these motions.

*She was definitely practicing her balance with sitting today. I had her sitting in my lap, leaning back slightly against my stomach, and several times in a row she rocked forward just enough to support her own weight, before leaning back again. One time she let herself fall back more quickly and her head hit my chest pretty hard- didn't hurt her but she didn't fall back again with that same intensity! She is actively learning and it is fascinating to watch.

*She is also making a little more effort once on her stomach. She holds that head up high, then rests it on one side, actively taking in the views from that angle and exploring how it relates to the toys she was just playing with from a different angle. She is also getting pretty good at flipping herself back onto her back from that position- I just have to watch what kind of flooring is surrounding her so she doesn't bonk her head (though I'm sure there will be plenty of bonking in the future- that is, after all, how she'll learn).

*Instead of just hinging forward from her waist to grab things while we hold her in a standing position, she is starting to crouch down and then reach out. Sometimes the crouch leads to sitting, other times she pushes back up to a standing position (all with help).

It's times like these where I feel so grateful to get to be home with Iyla. There are many, many days that are long & monotonous where I do miss working more or actively feel like having help would be awesome. But then these fun, amazing days of growth sneak in and rock.my.world. This is fun stuff, folks. Even with two girls who have colds & hacking coughs.

My buddy

 Sam photo bomb

From what I hear, this is when things really start taking off and snowballing in a little one's development. I think I too need to start strapping myself in to be ready for the ride!

My view right now. This won't get old.

Iyla Grace- working on taking over the world, one skill at a time.

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