Sunday, May 12, 2013

6 Months Old- Happy Mother's Day!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 6 months old! And on Mother's Day proper to boot. How wonderfully auspicious indeed. I had many, many Mothers' Days where I dreamed of celebrating and having a child of my own... and now, after years of struggle and heartache, you are here. We are so blessed! Here are your 6 month updates...

How old? 6 months today!

How big? We'll find out your official measurements at tomorrow's 6 month doctor appointment. For now we'll compare you to your buddy Sam:


*You got your first cold (boo!) You were extra fussy last weekend, and when I took your temperature you had a very low grade fever of 99.8. You've had a cough & runny nose but since that one fussy day have been such a trooper, rolling with this whole sick thing as you do with any challenge. I got sick too, and it has definitely proved challenging keeping up with you physically & energetically when not feeling 100%! Good thing you are so generous with your smiles & kisses, because those always cheer me up.

*You've been noticing the DETAILS in things. You just discovered that your play mat (the one you've had since December!) has patterns & pictures on the bottom of it. You are examining toys in a whole new way- turning & twisting them, really taking it all in.

*You are SO interested in our kitty Sam. You smile at him and are always aware of his whereabouts. He is pretty tolerant with you- I took one for the team last week when you pulled his hair and he turned and bit ME hard- I was grateful it wasn't you, but alas- I am sure that day will come!

Here's Sam laying claim to this play mat toy! 
He still thinks the play mat is HIS special bed and gets a little annoyed when you join him on it.

*You have started crouching. Your favorite thing is having us hold you up in a standing position. Usually you hinge forward at the waist to grab for toys from there, but this week you started crouching down first, then reaching. You also love to play the "stand UP, sit DOWN" game.

*You have gotten more social! When we are out you scan the room to see who might be willing to admire you, then flash them the hugest smile to catch their attention. Last weekend I took you to a small gathering and you were happy to have others hold & play with you.

How could anyone resist that smile?

*You have started giving "kisses!" You definitely know what these are & when I hold you up while you play you'll twist your body around, turn your head, and plant a big drooley open mouthed smacker on me. It is adorable!

It looks like you are blowing kisses here! 
We were watching the rain from the back porch.

*I can tell by your face that you are understanding a few words we use every day in your routine- 'walk,' 'milk,' 'kisses,' 'play,' 'kitty,' 'potty,' and 'bath.' I'm sure you understand a lot more than that but those are the ones where I can see your face shift knowingly. We are going to start using more sign language with you this coming month to help you be able to communicate just what YOU like & want!

*Not sure this is a milestone, but it is something I am always amazed at. You let me cut your fingernails! Meaning, when I pull out the clippers (usually while you are on your changing table) you hold absolutely still and watch as I clip each nail. It's as if you know moving might be dangerous. You are a smart one, sweet girl... and I suspect you will enjoy many manicures in your future.

Love those beautiful blue eyes!


*You are doing SO well at night! You go to bed between 7:15-7:45- usually with very minimal crying- and only wake up ONE time/night to nurse. That one time totally varies- anywhere from 11:30pm-4:30am- but then you sleep straight until about 6:30-7, waking up all smiles.

*Your naps have just started to take some semblance of a routine... pretty much like clockwork 1.5 hours after you wake in the morning you are ready for a 40 minute nap. Right now that is still in my arms, and we'll work on that in the upcoming month. Then around 12pm at the first signs of your being tired (you show me by rubbing your eyes!) I put on your sound machine & zip you into that sumo-esque sleep suit. You'll usually sleep 1-1.5 hours during this time. There is usually one more brief later afternoon/early nap that varies in its timing, and your Papa and I always appreciate when it coincides with our going out to eat. : )

Current Likes:

*Variety! You get fussy with any one activity after about 3-5 minutes. You definitely keep us on our toes finding new ways to entertain you.

*You still LOVE going on walks. Always your happy place.

*Playing the "stand UP sit DOWN" game. Also playing the "drop/pick up" game.

*My whispering in your ear- you think it is hilarious.

*The silly songs I make up and sing to you (I'm sure some day these will embarrass you!)

*You still love playing with your tutu! Other favorite toys are your Lamb Lovey, your Jellycat books, & your mini Sophie teether.

Here are a few photos of you IN your tutu during our 6 month photo shoot- no crying with it on this time!

Current Dislikes:

*Staying in your car seat when we go out to eat.

*You no longer let me use the 'snot sucker' on you- which is unfortunate given your cold this week! You actively turn your head away & put your arms up in protest. So I end up picking your nose. ; )

*You still HATE being on your tummy and have mastered flipping over from tummy to back extremely well (and fast!)

*Being patient while we prep to nurse. It is pretty hilarious actually- when I get you for your middle of the night feeding or your first morning feeding, the second I pick you up out of your crib you arch your back and grab my face while grunting & whining in a really desperate, impatient way. I hustle as fast as I can to get you settled & satisfied!

Postpartum body?

*The big news there is that my cycle started again last week (May 6th)! It wasn't as bad as I expected the first one might be... no cramps! I will praise the Lord if being pregnant with you somehow helped eradicate the monthly cramps I always used to get.

*This morning I was down 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, though it fluctuates daily.

*I still have some extra padding on the front of my belly, but holding you coupled with our daily walks continues to be a good exercise routine.

*My upper back has been really tight and sore this month likely from helping you stand up ALL.THE.TIME.

What do I miss?

*Date nights with your Papa! Your Aunt Sheri was going to come last week to watch you so we could go out, but then you and I got sick. Hopefully next week we'll be recovered so she can come play with you.

*I still miss movies. I don't even have the time to watch movies on TV- by the time you are asleep by 7:45-8pm, I usually crash about 30-60 minutes behind you.

Most looking forward to? 

*Your getting more and more alert, interactive, & mobile! We are entering into such a super fun growth period, and I am loving it so much.

*Our 2 week road trip at the end of the month! I am so glad you are showing new signs of being social, because there are going to be a lot of people wanting to love on you during this adventure.

Here are the rest of the pictures from our 6 month photo shoot. We love you so much Iyla Grace! Happy 6 months, sweet baby girl.

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  1. 6 months already?! Where does the time go??? She's such a cutie, I love the tutu!!! Some days I'm so jealous of girl babies...because I want to dress them up in tutus ;-)