Sunday, May 5, 2013


Iyla reached another milestone yesterday- and unfortunately, this was NOT one I was looking forward to. Our sweet little lady is sick. She was extra fussy in the morning and felt warm to me, so I took her temp to discover she had a low grade fever of 99.8. She had a runny nose & a dry cough, and was just not a happy camper. Thankfully she nursed well and slept a lot, and for bedtime last night we set up the humidifier and gave her a very small dose of Tylenol. She must have needed the rest, because that little lady slept ALL NIGHT LONG. Down at 7:30pm, and I finally went in to get her at 6:45 this morning, all smiles and playing with her feet. I did NOT sleep quite as well... I was up checking that monitor for breathing several times throughout the night.

This morning she seems a little better... we had some play time & she is currently taking her morning nap. I can tell my own body is incubating a cold as well- hard to avoid sharing germs with a baby who is constant Slobbers McGoo!

I did manage to get a smile out of Iyla yesterday while modeling her adorable new bibs from the Etsy shop Apple Tree Boutique- literally the ONLY bibs I've found that don't soak through and actually keep Iyla herself dry. It's a bonus that they are so cute!

Here's hoping that whatever bug Iyla has is short lived, and doing its due diligence strengthening up her immune system. It SUCKS to see your little one not feeling well.

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