Monday, May 6, 2013

A RED Letter Day

What a day we've had! Phew. Let's start from the beginning.

This morning, Iyla finally fit into an adorable collegiate onsie my friend Elli had given her (from the French University where she teaches):

Iyla was obviously pleased at her new French attire! 
For the record, sweet girl, we totally approve of you going to school abroad. 
Just expect us to visit you all.the.time.

I then proceeded to check Facebook with Iyla perched on my lap. There was a new photo of BC's youngest sister Poss, posted by her boyfriend:

Credit to Jared Southard for this lovely shot!

I noticed that Iyla was positively BEAMING at the photo. Seriously smiling with her whole being. I closed the photo, waited a moment, and then brought it up again. Instant smiles! Someone LOVES her Aunt Poss (who she gets to meet in June!) and loves that photo.

Her adoration caught on camera!

I then proceeded to take a video of what I now deem "The Poss Effect:"

This is seriously the cutest thing ever.

Iyla had a VERY sleepy day today. She took a 40 minute nap this morning, followed by a short session of play time before she got really fussy again. She then proceeded to take another 2.5 hour nap! As you've heard before, Iyla still predominantly sleeps in my arms. The problem with super long naps is that I usually end up really having to use the restroom and/or getting really hungry. So about 1.5 hours into the nap I carefully got up and transferred her into her swing. SUCCESS!

I can't help myself- I always have to take photos of her sleeping! 
So sweet & hilarious.

She was down for another hour when I heard her wake (I was in the next room). She was cooing & happily making spit zerberts. I know better than to interrupt a happy baby, so kept working away on my computer, listening for the first hints of her getting fussy. Instead, I heard what no mom EVER wants to hear.... a THUD followed by her wail.

Good gracious almighty that girl somehow discovered how to flip herself OUT of her swing. No, she wasn't strapped in. She has NEVER given us any cause for concern to have to use those straps... but Holy HELL lesson LEARNED and that girl will be strapped in tight from this day forward!

I ran to her at lightning speed -sweeping her up- simultaneously comforting her while inspecting all of her limbs. I quickly started nursing her, and she calmed super fast- seemingly more startled than anything else. She was all smiles again after the nursing session, and it appears her only battle wound is a red mark near her right eye- which looked AWFUL at first but as of bedtime tonight, had faded to hardly being noticeable.

My poor little girl moments after her gymnastic feat.

Already looking much better mid-day. 
Trying to accessorize to distract from her boo-boo.

'Look Mom! I'm fine! Simmer down.'

'I can still stretch and move all my limbs!'

'Fine, I'll let you dress me up in ridiculous things so you feel better.'

In other big RED news today... my period is starting! I am absolutely exhausted, voraciously hungry (which always happens a day or two ahead of my cycle) and have lots and lots of brown & red spotting. I haven't had a period since February of 2012! No cramps yet, but those usually come with the full flow. Not looking forward to that part.

I am actually a bit excited to be having my cycle again, as that means another Little Lambie becomes a possibility. We figure- why prevent?- as it took us 3 years to get Iyla here and there is no telling how long it may take for another babe (if another one is even in our cards).

Anyway- between the beginnings of catching Iyla's cold, my cycle starting, and all the excitement with Iyla's Grand Flip of 2013- I am cooked and headed to bed.



  1. She is seriously the cutest little girl ever! And obviously, smart as a whip.

  2. I'm so amazed with everyone getting their periods while nursing! I'm at 9 months and have a sneaking suspicion that I'll have to quit nursing to get mine!

  3. Wow, I feel like we lived the same day. My little guy flipped out of his bouncer yesterday as well! (He was strapped in, but it only had a three point harness and he flipped forward and out!)

    And I don't have spotting, but I have cramps... so I may be right behind you on that front too...