Thursday, May 30, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Tomorrow we embark on our two week road trip up to the Midwest, visiting lots of family & friends along the way. We are SO excited, and keeping our fingers crossed that Iyla gets in the groove with the longer car rides. We don't plan on more than a 6 hour stretch on any given day, and will space out that 6 hours with plenty of nursing & stretching breaks.

Iyla is officially a tummy sleeper now! Ever since that first roll last week she has been finding her tummy quite comfy for naps and bedtime. She'll alternate between her side and her tummy, both excellent positions to help her small flat spot start to fill in again.

Iyla's other new move this week is to push up in her bouncer seat and try to grab the dangling birds. She is now getting officially strapped into that thing every time and watched like a hawk!

This is just the first step- she will then push up straight on her legs to almost stand in the chair!

We've been having lots of play time with Sam, who continues to want to be right next to us all.the.time. He is mostly good about keeping an arms length away from Iyla as she works hard to grab handfuls of his fur. Today she got REALLY close to getting nipped by him... I have to watch those two like a hawk, too!

I've created a new play space for Iyla on our covered back porch so we can have some outdoor play time. I lay down two padded blankets, turn on the ceiling fan, bring out a basket of toys, and she, Sam, & I enjoy a little fresh air in the mornings. She LOVES it!

We have two feral outdoor kitties who have taken up residence in our backyard. One looks to have had his ears clipped, the other her tail (so sad). We call them Dolly & Diesel, and put out food for them a couple times a day. They are sweet but keep about 5 feet away from us at any given time. Sam isn't too keen on them, but Iyla and I enjoy saying hello to them daily.

Iyla is constantly practicing her sitting now. One of her favorite things to do is to hold onto the side of  her toy basket & tilt it toward her over and over and over again. She practices her balance while checking out the toy contents- it's pretty cute!

Her Zo-li teething sticks are still her absolute FAVORITE thing to play with and nosh on:

We discovered her cute bear hat finally fits her! Just in time for a trip to cooler weather:

We've had a couple morning naps at my favorite breakfast spot together:

Had lots of naked time playing after her baths (the bib is still a necessity even with naked time!)

Practiced sitting & playing in her high chair, which she continues to love:

Given Mama & Papa lots of smiles & cuddles:

She's admired herself in mirrors (a favorite activity):

And just overall been a delight! Here's to a fun, healthy, & safe road trip ahead.

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