Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Road Trip: The Conclusion of our Journey

The last official stop on our road trip was to my dear friend Jenny's house, located in a suburb about 30 minutes outside of Chicago. Jenny and I were set up on a 'blind date' at UW-Madison by a mutual friend who knew Jenny was going to Austin for grad school and that I was considering moving there as well. It was love at first sight, and we became roommates for our first year here in town.

Jenny now has two adorable little girls- Talia is almost 5, and Sasha is almost 3. Two little girls = TONS of awesome new toys & constant entertainment for Iyla! It was clear that Iyla was in heaven at their house, and we all had so much fun together.

Sasha & Iyla- fast friends!

Talia & Iyla. These sweet girls wanted to hold and play with her all the time!

Jenny, Sasha, & Iyla

Talia is hilarious- she showed up one morning in this getup. Jenny says she LOVES American flags. Such a patriotic little one!

Iyla was like a real live doll to play with!

Getting ready to swim! This little lady LOVES the water.

She tried so hard to stay up and keep playing that she ended up passing out on the carpet.

A few parting pictures with everyone before we hit the road:

Love this girl

Talia & Sasha sat out on the curb to bid us farewell as we headed on our way to St. Louis. We'll miss them all so much!

My friend Chris is now living in St. Louis, and happily he and his wife Cynthia (whom we hadn't gotten to meet yet) were able to meet us out for dinner. I first met Chris years ago in Austin when I helped him buy a house, and we've remained friends ever since.

Cynthia & Chris

It happened to be Iyla's 7 month birthday, so BC ordered dessert with a candle on top to celebrate:

We also had a little birthday photo shoot at the St. Louis Arch:

The next morning we made our way to Memphis, where we explored Beale Street & had a lovely dinner in our hotel restaurant. My loves were both exhausted- first Iyla passed out at dinner, then BC passed out holding her in our room (though he revived quickly & took himself out to watch the NBA Finals)!

The next morning we were off again! The last stop of our journey was a random small town midway between Memphis and Austin to help break up the drive- Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Iyla enjoyed playing on the hotel bed:

Then we were finally on our way HOME! 

We promptly headed out to a brand new restaurant that had opened while we were away- Mettle- for dinner with good friends. 

We were so happy to be home again! All in all it was a fantastic trip, and BC and I couldn't have asked for a better travel buddy.

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