Wednesday, June 19, 2013

7 Months Old!

Sweet Iyla Grace, I can't believe you are already 7 months old! The past month has been a huge one for milestones, and we are continuing to delight in every step of the way.

How old? 7 months on June 12th

How big? I did an unofficial weigh-in on our home scale- and it looks like you are just over 13 pounds!

Here are the comparisons to Sam- you are now a lot bigger than him! Seems there was a lot of growth this month:

6 & 7th month comparison. Such a big girl!

*Napping in your crib
*Rolling onto your belly and propping up
*Sleeping on your belly
*Starting to babble with "da" and "ba" sounds
*First non-family babysitter (you LOVE Veronica!)
*Barrel rolls to get somewhere- back to belly to back again!
*Expressing distinct frustration when an object you want is taken away (like my phone)
*First road trip
*Going #1 and #2 on a regular toilet
*Laughing more! We've finally found a game that produces pretty consistent little giggles. One of us holds you while the other stands about 3 feet away. The non holder looks away, then suddenly looks at you and moves in face to face with silly noises. Your laughter melts our hearts every time!
*Learning to maneuver your walker

 You are quickly figuring out how to cruise exactly where you want! Usually it is to chase Sam or check out the night lights.

You are getting so adept at rolling onto your belly!

You are also sitting so well. You still topple backwards sometimes, so I usually cushion you with a boppy pillow:

Current likes:
*Socializing. You always scans the room to see who will meet your gaze & smile at you!
*Playing with spoons
*Playing in your walker
*Sitting up
*Playing with your stacking blocks

Current dislikes:
*Not being able to have an object you want
*Diaper changes

Current sleep schedule:
*A bit messed up from the road trip! You partied hard on our journey, getting up anywhere from 2-4x/night. You are still waking 1-2 hours after your initial bedtime wanting to nurse again, and our first night home from the trip you were up at 10, 12, 4, & 6. Last night you nursed at 8:30 (after a 7:30 bedtime), 1am, then 5:45am- and happily went back to sleep until 8am!!
*Naps are pretty consistent still- 40 minutes about 2 hours after you wake, 1-1.5 hours around noon, and a 30 minute nap around 4pm.

Postpartum body:
*My right wrist has been badly strained for a couple weeks now from carrying you. My cousin- a physical therapist- taped it for me, and I also bought a wrist brace to wear at night. I am working to hold you in different ways that don't strain my wrist so much.
*My hair loss has slowed down a little bit. I'm definitely still losing hair daily, but the amounts have dwindled.
*My 2nd period is no where in sight! Of course I took a pregnancy test secretly hoping wondering if we were pregnant. Nope- BFN. I think all the extra night nursings on our trip caused my cycle to go into hibernation again.
*My milk supply is down somewhat from the trip - I am having trouble pumping any extra milk for bottles. This makes it really hard to have people watch you, since I need to make sure I am home to nurse every 1.5-2 hours. I'm hoping this changes soon as my body re-acclimates to being home.

Most looking forward to?
*We have lots of family coming into town next week for cousin Heather's wedding! They will all be staying at our home for 5 days, so you will be surrounded by so much love & attention. Your cousin Liam will be here too (who is 2 months older), as well as Uncle Andy's little dog, Paco. You will be in heaven!

Here is your 7 month photo collage. We love you so much sweet girl! What a fun month it's been.

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  1. She is such a cutie - love all her big smiles. R does the roll, grab, roll back thing too - it is her favourite. And I wish we could get walkers in Canada (they are illegal here) - they look like so much fun!