Saturday, June 22, 2013

First Foods!

This week Iyla got her first taste of something other than breast milk! BC and I were excited to see what she thought of her first foods, and chose avocado mixed with breast milk as her first foray into solids.

She literally threw up her first bite- gagging & heaving as she tried to make sense of just what the heck was going into her mouth. After that she quickly got the hang of it and seemed to enjoy each subsequent bite. She also greatly preferred playing with holding the spoon and feeding herself!

Collage by BC

After 3 days of avocado, we moved on to sweet potatoes this evening. She LOVED them! They were a definite hit, and there was absolutely no gagging involved:

From here we'll be trying out butternut squash, carrots, & peas in the days to come. It is so much fun to watch Iyla experience this delicious new world!

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