Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 Road Trip, Days 5-6: Minneapolis

The weather that greeted us in Minneapolis was cold and rainy- a perfect relief from the 95+ degree temperatures we left in Austin. It was fun to pull out our long sleeve clothes & hats again!

We were headed to the Twin Cities to visit dear friends Steph & Anj and their adorable son Arlo. It was the first time Arlo & Iyla met, and they became fast friends.

On the porch of the Johnson's home. We made it!

Arlo just loved Iyla! He announced that she was the "favorite baby he ever met."

Here he exclaimed "she's looking at me!"

He wanted to cover her up, and kept patting & kissing her head.

We had brought Iyla's tutu to play with, and Arlo insisted she put it on.
 She happily obliged!

Arlo also insisted that Iyla wear this pink flower hat every time we went out (a gift from her Grandma in KC).  He was very opinionated about her fashion choices!

Thai dinner in NE Minneapolis

Arlo's dinner attire

The sweet Johnson family

On our way out of town, we met my friend Ted for breakfast. He was actually the one who drove my U-Haul with me to Austin in 1999 when I moved there! We went to college together, and it was lovely to catch up.

Iyla with the boys post breakfast

After breakfast, we headed onward to my alma-mater, the University of Wisconsin-Madison! Just for Arlo, Iyla wore her pink hat. : )

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