Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Iyla is what I've termed a 'secret crawler.' I've seen her crawl several steps at a time, usually to tackle the cat or to get an object that has rolled away. It isn't her preferred means of transportation- as she only reserves it for special circumstances. She is so careful in all of her movements that it doesn't surprise me this new skill is coming on slowly & cautiously.

I finally caught her on video doing her secret crawl this morning:

This loot was enticing enough to elicit the elusive secret crawl!

A later attempt to get her to crawl led to another amazing surprise. I had gotten Iyla some of her absolutely favorite little music shakers- and having been delivered last night- she hadn't seen them yet. She was standing against her wooden Zany Zoo toy when I unveiled the new treasures, setting them down about 3 feet from where she was. She shrieked in excited recognition- and then instead of dropping down to crawl, LET GO OF THE ZANY ZOO, TURNED, AND STOOD THERE TOTALLY UNASSISTED. Two times, folks- for at least 5 seconds each. My jaw was on the ground as I wondered if she was just going to walk to those new shakers. Quickly realizing that walking was a wee bit beyond her, Iyla did drop down and secret crawled to claim her treasures. 

This morning I also caught Iyla tackling the cat:

And digging in the fridge for breakfast:

I also finally caught some photos of Iyla with her beloved nanny Veronica. You can see the love!

In closing, a little tribute to adorable baby overalls. 'Tis the season to wear them, and I can't.get.enough!

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  1. I just love your posts! I don't always have time to comment, but Iyla is my favorite girl to watch other than my own! She reminds me of Everleigh and is thin like her too. Where did you get those cute rompers? She has the cutest clothes of any baby I know! I'm going to make Everleigh some of the knotted knit headbands tonight, like Iyla has. Can you email me, and let me know where you buy her cute clothes?