Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mom Clothes & a Mullet

I've been in a rut with my wardrobe lately. On any given day, you can usually find me in the same dark denim capri jeans & some version of a black tank top. Cool and collected, comfy, easy to nurse in, and dark enough to hide all of Iyla's smudgy kisses. Once home the capris get traded out for what I affectionately call "woobie shorts"- basically little sweatshirt material running shorts. Hot stuff.

I have an entire closet full of clothes that now suddenly feel outdated & unflattering. Empire waist dresses? I feel like I still look pregnant, though pre-pregnancy I rocked these with the best of them. Cute fitted tops? A pain in the a** to nurse in. My bust is larger than it was pre-pregnancy and my bottom is now smaller- meaning most clothes end up too snug on top and too baggy on the bottom.

My other problem? If given the finances and choice, I'd much rather buy clothes for Iyla. Fall baby girl clothes are ridiculously adorable. Case in point, a few of my recent favorites:

I have also been frequenting the Thredup resale site and local baby consignment events to fill in cooler weather staples. Even though it is still 95+ in Austin right now, our Colorado trip is less than 2 weeks away and fall weather will descend upon Texas like a small miracle sometime next month.

To top everything off, my most recent haircut has ended up very mullet-esque, with a bit too many thick shorter layers up front. Reminds me of my 1980's grade school days:

All I need now is a purple bow

Between the mom clothes, mullet, and a lovely pimple that popped up right smack in the middle of my chin, I'm not feeling super cute these days. Something's gotta give.

BC has encouraged me to head out and get a few new fall items for myself, sweetly and generously offering to reimburse me. I suspect he too is growing tired of my mom wardrobe, and realizes not much can be done about the mullet & teenage acne.

On my first official shopping attempt, this happened:

Bee or ladybug for Iyla's first Halloween?

New clothes outing #1 = FAIL. Having found nothing I liked for myself, I defaulted to browsing for Iyla.

I'll try new clothes outing #2 this weekend, with hopefully better results! I plan to take my mullet out and head straight to Anthropologie- where I cannot be tempted with kids' clothes. : )


  1. OMG I have the same problem! I can't seem to buy new clothes for myself because the baby stuff is just SO MUCH CUTER. I also think that this size I am right now will be completely unsustainable when I stop nursing so I don't want to buy TOO many new items of clothing for THIS body which I assume will go away some day.
    Btw, those shoes are killing me! The only time I ever wish Jett was a girl is when I see cute baby girl shoes...and coats...and skirts...ok ALL baby clothes =)

  2. Ugh I HEAR you! I shop for R all the time, but I basically live in old crap that does not look good at all. I am and have always been a terrible casual dresser....I have either beautiful work clothes or lulu lemon, nothing in between. THat said I went to Anthro last week (funny you should mention it!) looking for nice casual clothes...and bought 3 dresses for work. Ugh.
    And I MUST have that hat!!!!