Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Weekend Weather

The weather has FINALLY cooled off here in Austin! And by cooled off, I mean highs in the upper 70's to mid 80's... which- after a LONG summer of 100+ degree weather- feels chilly to us Austinites.

We took advantage this past weekend and partook in a lot of outdoor activities. Iyla is unaccustomed to so much time outside and was exhausted at the end of each day (and yet still decided to wake for night feedings... boo!).

Cooler weather means....

Adorable fall clothing:

Baby vests! Too much.

Lots of walks:

Eating playing with leaves:

Finding surprises in porch planters:

Going to local fall festivals:

Visiting petting zoos:

Outdoor dining with neighbor friends:

And super sound naps:

You know she is out when the booty is in the air!

Other weekend updates include....

New skills emerging, like surprising Mama with a spontaneous pull-to-stand in the bathroom (I'd literally turned my head for 15 seconds and found her like this):

"Nothing to see here, Mama"

Trying to lift her little leg up on any object she stands against:

Who needs to crawl or walk when you can CLIMB?

Practicing for her future soccer career:

She could chase & kick this ball for hours if we let her

Playing dress up:

Tackling the cat:

Playing with a new-to-us toy a friend dropped off:

Watching Baby Einstein videos (also dropped off by a friend):

And catching up on tabloid news:

I am soooo excited that the worst of the summer weather appears to be behind us. We will kick start our fall with a trip to Colorado later this week, then return to almost 8 months of idyllic Austin weather. Yee-ha!

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