Friday, September 27, 2013

Colorado Bound

I am realizing how much stuff goes into a week long vacation with a 10 month old, and how much strategic planning of exactly what stuff to bring is necessary.

Iyla's list goes something like this:

Pack n Play (plus pack n play additional mattress, pack n play mattress pad, & 2 sheets)

Beco carrier

Car seat

Sound machine

Diapers, bibs for drooling, bibs for food, wipes, diaper cream, sunscreen, sun hat, warm hat, socks, onsies, pajamas, jacket, sweater, socks, shoes

Nail clippers, snot sucker, books (God forbid we not have any of these!), toys, formula, bottles, dish soap to wash bottles with, baby food, baby spoons, baby shampoo

You get the idea. And this is a fraction of the actual list I've made.

Then there's me. My list was surprisingly short compared to Iyla's:

Black nursing tank, regular black tank, black short sleeved shirt, long sleeve black shirt, black and grey striped sweater, black puffy vest (can you say MOM CLOTHES?!)

I'll be crazy and throw in a couple of my purple shirts and a turquoise cardigan.

Toiletries, computer, phone, power cords, gum.

We tried on the last of our warm weather clothes yesterday, and Iyla seemed quite pleased with this little jacket:

Check. Bring it, Mama!

She wants to be sure I remember to pack some Puffs.....

I might even share some with you

I am still debating on bringing the baby potty vs. just sitting her on the regular toilet once in Colorado. Here is what Iyla has to say about that:


Bon Voyage Dear Readers.... hopefully we'll be updating from the Rockies soon!

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