Thursday, June 12, 2014

19 Months Old!

Sweet Iyla Grace, today you are 19 months old! You have grown so much in the past month in so many ways. I moved you into 12-18 month pajamas last month- which had room to spare at the time- and they are already bursting at the seams! Your temperament can be hot or cold on a given day- we'll have a few days in a row where you are the SWEETEST, most affectionate, fun and easy going girl in the world… then another couple of days where you are- as we say- a "fussy foo-foo" who is clingy, wining, & short fused. On those days we have taught you to say "hot mess," because it helps lighten the mood. ; )

I find I fall more and more in love with you every single day, and always look forward to our time together!

How big?

Here you are with Sam! This month after your morning milk I asked if we could take pictures of you with Sam, and you got very excited- saying "pic, Sam! pic, Sam!" over and over. So cute!


On June 8th I noticed a 7th tooth had broken through- the bottom right tooth, next to the middle right tooth. You've been working to use your teeth more to actually bite food, and a few times have experimented with giving me a gentle bite on the leg or shoulder.


This month you started the most adorable routine when we hand you one of your beloved crackers. You will immediately run from the kitchen into your playroom and sit in your chair, savoring every single bite! You always try to share some with Sam and your dollies.

Video of your cracker journey! I love how you share with Sam first.

You are also loving blueberries & watermelon as part of your regular rotation, as well as a juice we get from a local stand that has apple, pear, spinach, and kale in it:

Two-fisting after a hot walk with a pouch & your juice


That week of fussing at nap and bedtime was happily a short lived thing, and lately you've again been going down sweetly and easily. I love that you tend to wake happily and quietly, and seem to enjoy your alone time playing in your crib post sleep.

I snuck in last week to watch you sleep. SOOO precious!


This month has seen an explosion of language development! You have SO many words, and every day name something I didn't realize you knew. You love to point out every detail in your books, carefully naming the animals, people, trees, houses, etc. You are expressing yourself more and more in 2 and sometimes 3 word sentences. One of my favorite things is when you've been with Papa and he helps you 'tell' me about your adventures. For example, he'll say that you went on a bike ride to the park and you'll look me in the eyes with an excited gleam and say "bike park!" Then he'll say you had eggs and juice, and you'll say "eggs! juice!" And on and on.

Potty time?

I've been letting you go diaper less a lot more lately, and it is rare that you have an accident! You will either tell me "pee pee" or "poo poo," or if it's been awhile I'll encourage you to sit on the potty. This past weekend while Papa was watching you he said that while he was in the kitchen he heard some rustling in the bathroom, and you had gone in, sat yourself down on your potty, and peed! A-mazing.

Favorite things?

*We now have 2 Ladybug Girl dolls, who we call "Big Lulu" and "Little Lulu." You love your Lulus!

When it is time to eat, we say "ni-night" to whatever dolls you are playing with- and you 'put them to bed' in your snack basket. Here are the Lulus resting during lunch.

*Your dollhouse. This is always where you lead me when you say "Mama play!" and enjoy making all your dollies slide down off the roof, wash their hands, and get "poo" in their hair in the pretend bath tub.

*Playing with your friend Lily!

*Playing outside. You love your water table, going for walks, and riding on Papa's bike. You are fascinated and curious about the local splash pads, but don't enjoy when the water actually hits you! You prefer to walk around the perimeter and observe. You also love to gather sticks and tell me if they are "big!" or "little!"- then hand them to me.


I adore your precious profile

Playing "ni-night" in your sandbox

Sand for dessert

*You love anything to do with the movie Frozen. You will actually sit through the ENTIRE MOVIE, and are known to walk around the house with your Frozen book, asking us to read it to you. I also got you a little set of Frozen dolls, and your favorites are Olaf (the snowman) and Sven (the reindeer). You call Sven "baby!"

Snuggles during the Frozen movie

The day your Frozen dolls arrived. Mind BLOWN!

Least favorite things?

*When Papa and I aren't ready to immediately come play with you! If one of us is in the kitchen you will say very firmly "Mama PLAY!" or "Dada, PLAY!" and point to your playroom while you start walking that way. If we aren't right behind you much fussing and complaining ensues.

*Falling down & bumping yourself. Now that summer is here, your legs are mostly bare… and you have what I affectionately call "summer legs"- both knees constantly skinned, and lots of swollen mosquito bites to boot. You call them "boo-boos" or "owies."

Showing me your boo-boos

Happy 19 months sweet girl- we love you so much!

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