Saturday, June 28, 2014

Human Velcro

What exactly is human velcro, you ask?

Well, for the last week, human velcro = Iyla Grace.

We had family over one week ago for dinner & drinks (the night of my cousin's auspicious pregnancy test)… and Iyla G, out of nowhere, started whining "Mommymommymommy" over and over and over again. First of all, she's NEVER called me Mommy before. Up until that point I'd been "Mama." Secondly, the clingy need-to-be-constantly-glued-to-my-side made it extremely difficult to eat, socialize, relax, etc.

This behavior has now continued all week long.

Typically when our sweet nanny arrives, there is some creative distraction required to help transition Iyla. This week, however, Iyla upped the anty. She was not having any of our old tricks. There was full on climbing all over me, sobbing, and throwing herself to the ground. It has been difficult and heart tugging to say the least, as I absolutely HATE to leave her when she is in that state.

That being said, sources report that within minutes of my finally leaving, she is just fine.

Our nanny texted this picture to me after a particularly demonstrative morning protest. Here's Iyla happily back snacking at her play kitchen. Stinker!

I used to love checking in on the nanny and Iyla when I would come and go during the day, but this week stopping to check in on them has lead to trauma & tantrums. So I need to come up with a new battle plan; namely, my staying AWAY until I am actually taking over toddler duties.

And that whole "Mommymommymommy" thing? It's like Iyla's new mantra. I have officially become MOMMY to her, and with that title comes enormous expectation. MOMMY needs to be there playing with Iyla at all times. MOMMY cannot leave to cook food, clean up, or use the restroom. MOMMY cannot talk to other people. And MOMMY is definitely not allowed to leave the house.

This new turn of behavior has me extremely nervous for our upcoming NYC trip. I have to keep faith that once I am GONE Iyla will adjust and do just fine, but the leaving part is going to be tough. I'm also not sure Facetiming will be wise, given it may confuse and upset her further. Boo!

Oh, sweet baby girl… I LOVE that you are loving your MOMMY so much right now, but boy do I hope this is a short lived phase. And boy are you lucky you're cute!

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  1. LOL! Sorry, but this is a cute post! I've had a human-velco experience too, but maybe not nearly as bad. I am so glad the nanny has let you know that Iyla (how is her name pronounced?) is fine soon after you leave. It is truly heartbreaking to leave them when crying. :(

    I am sure all will be well with you being going for your NYC trip. They will survive without you, but be all the more happy when you are back. :Enjoy!