Sunday, June 8, 2014


You can always tell when life gets busy on our end, because the time frame between my blog entries gets longer and longer. Lately we've been in a happy, productive WHIRL of action in all aspects of life! To include…


*My real estate work has remained busy- but not in an over-the-top stressed out fashion; more in a consistent, gentle, balanced way. I've been fortunate to be working with several sets of beloved past clients again, helping them move toward the next chapters in their lives. One of my favorite things about this job!

*BC's work has continued to be super busy since he took on a new position in January. This includes more travel, longer days, and often working nights & weekends.


*I will be scheduling surgery in the next week to FINALLY (and hopefully permanently) cure my Mommy Thumb. It's been such a long journey! My hand doc gave me a prescription topical cream at my last appointment as a last ditch effort to alleviate my pain (to the tune of $75- ouch!) Alas, my stubborn thumb held its ground. So off to surgery I go.

*This morning I gave blood in preparation for a visit to Dr. Vaughn next week (I was very proud of myself to have had the foresight to use the $75 Mommy Thumb topical cream on both arm veins before giving blood- not sure if that did the trick, but the pain was super minimal! I think I'm on to something….) Those of you who've been following this blog for awhile might remember Dr. Vaughn as the fertility specialist I was seeing for the 2 years before I got pregnant with Iyla. Recently I've felt the nudge to visit him again, since I haven't had any monitoring or check-ups since having had Iyla. The fact is we've not been preventing since she was born and I've been tracking my cycles and timing things well since my cycle returned ONE YEAR AGO. So- it is time.


*I've been on a clutter clearing rampage, and have been knocking out many projects that were figuratively and literally gathering dust. It feels SO good to get rid of things!

*I visited my 'deep cleaner' Daniela this morning (she was the psychic healer who initially cleared my energetic blocks, and who I very much credit in the journey to our sweet Iyla Grace!) Those visits are always so fascinating to me. In summary, she sees another pregnancy very soon, likely in the next 2-3 months (will be interesting to see if she is accurate!). She was getting boy energy but was then given the message that there was a daughter. I really think the next little soul coming doesn't care if it is a boy or girl, and if it is a girl (which is my instinct) she will be more of a nature loving rough and tumble tomboy (in contrast to our oh so careful girly girl Iyla). There was also the mention of twins given the equal feelings of boy and girl….and holy h*** would that give us a run for the money! I have often joked in my prayers that if there is more than one little one hoping to still join the family they will have to come together, as BC is very clear that after the next pregnancy he is DONE.

*Iyla G is talking SO much! The 2 word phrases are more the norm than the exception these days, her favorite expression being to "GET" her things. As in, "get kitty," "get dolly," "get snack." She is very demanding, that one.

Her vocabulary is way more expansive than I can keep up with, so I've been having fun recording just the verbs she knows and uses regularly. To include:

Count, peek, pee, poo, pet, slide, split, look, get, play, walk, touch, sit, read, go, up, out, off, kiss, hug, down, open, cut, help, kick, knock, run, swing, eat, dance, swim.

That's 31 verbs, and I am sure there are many more I am forgetting! This little lady is all action, just like her Mama.

In parting, a few recent shots of our sweet Iyla Grace keeping busy and enjoying the start of her summer. Happy June everyone!

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