Friday, September 16, 2016

Baby Clothes Debacle

It appears I have given birth to both an extremely tiny baby (Iyla was 5#14oz at birth) and an extremely huge baby (Eloise was a modest 7#4oz at birth, but her rate of growth has been astronomical!).

I knew when we were expecting a July baby that the seasons with hand-me-down clothes would be off (Iyla was born in November).... but I didn't anticipate the immense size discrepancy that would also factor in.

The other day I pulled down Iyla's 6-12 month clothes bin with the intention of "looking ahead" for any usable clothes for Eloise, so I would better know what I might need to supplement with. As I began pulling clothes out I was shocked to observe that almost everything would fit Eloise NOW. Then I also noticed that several of the clothes were labeled 3-6 months and got a little annoyed with myself that I'd apparently misorganized the bins (I am a Type A organized planner!) It was then that I realized the reason 3-6 month clothing was in a 6-12 month bin was because my tiny little Iyla Grace was WEARING 3 month clothing AT 6-8 months!

It just amazes me how different these two sisters are already. People tend to say Iyla resembles me (and that would hold true with her petite stature given I am 5'2)- and Eloise definitely came out favoring her Papa, who is 6'4!

Here's a fun comparison shot. That is a size 6 month dress, and on the left you have an eight MONTH old Iyla wearing it, on the right, her eight WEEK old sister Eloise! Crazy:

And a few more photos of each girl respectively in this oh so cute dress:

Iyla was only 13#11oz at 8 months old, and I suspect Eloise is already there!

 My smiley big girl!

At least now I know what I'm working with, and that I'll have to be digging way ahead age wise into the hand-me-down bins. I wonder how long it will be until these two are SHARING clothes?
Genetics are so fascinating!

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