Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It Takes a Village

We are on week #2 of BC being gone abroad for a work trip.

How we feel about that. 
Iyla was all for our 2 week long "Girl Party." Eloise? Not so much.

When BC initially told me about his travel schedule, I knew I would have to rally and plan ahead for lots of help, given I'd be rolling solo with a newborn and active 3.5 year old.

And I have to say, thank GOD for family and friends. It's still very, very hard without BC here- the hardest times being morning and bedtime- but I am surviving on the grace and good fortune of help from others.

My sweet mother-in-law Linda flew out to be with us Tuesday through Saturday of last week, which was sooo helpful. She helped get Iyla up and ready for school each morning, helped drive her to and from school, helped with dinner and house chores, and took the reigns with Iyla's bedtime. It was AMAZING (thank you Linda!) and Iyla & Eloise absolutely adored having their Grandma here.

The Saturday that Linda left I invited our friend Andy and his 11-year-old daughter Lily over for dinner. Iyla and Lily are thick as thieves, and played all evening long. Then Andy & Lily helped prep Iyla for her bedtime, getting her into her pajamas and reading stories. It was great for all involved!

Come Sunday, my friend Kelley came and picked up Iyla in the morning to take her and Kelley's daughter Sabine (one of Iyla's best buddies since they were 3 months old!) to the museum and park. Afterwards they returned to our house to play awhile longer- those two little girls just adore each other and play so well, it's the cutest thing! They love to play "Baby & Mama," where one of them is the baby, the other the Mama, and they play act putting the baby to sleep, feeding the baby, etc, over and over and over again. So sweet.

This week I am much more on my own, though my amazing nanny has volunteered to come every evening after her other day jobs to help with dinner and bedtime. I am so lucky! And even more fortunate? She takes care of one of my very good friends' daughter several days a week, and to help me further this friend is letting Veronica leave early on 3 of the days so that she can pick Iyla up from school and then stay through bedtime. So, SO helpful- as any car trip I can avoid with a screaming baby is a happy, happy thing!

 Nanny cam picking up Iyla from school

Sweet Veronica with Eloise

It hasn't all been easy sailing- the girls have definitely thrown in some really fun curve balls while BC is away, to include:

*Iyla falling down our stairs for the first time EVER (and this is a full, long WOODEN staircase). I was sitting on the couch with Eloise when I heard the slip and helplessly watched her tumble down, down, down. Holy HELL was that scary for us both, and thank GOD she was completely fine, save for a racing heart. It could have been so much worse- I hate to even think about it.

*Eloise going through another big growth spurt (like this kid needs to grow any more -ha!). Sunday night saw us up every.single.hour nursing throughout the night, while last night she pulled a "let's stay up thrashing my legs and fussing from 2:30-6am" session, complete with a blowout through her onesie and swaddle as the grand finale. Given I am in charge of getting both girls up, ready, and out the door by 8am daily this week, these long nights make for some not-so-fun mornings.

 Screenshot of our Sunday day/night nursing sessions. Phew!

We are finally in the home stretch, with BC returning late Friday night. It truly takes a village to help with a family, and we will be oh so glad to have ours back together and intact again! 

Until then, let's hope the girls behave (and start sleeping better)....

Ahem. The little one sleeps just fine by day, thank you very much.

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