Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh, Baby

Yesterday I woke up feeling much less nauseous- and foolishly thought I was out of the woods (and even had a moment of panic- 'my symptoms are gone! What does this mean?) HA.

Cut to today. This little one is absolutely making itself known- as I have my first official "All Day of Unrelenting Nausea" day. Ick. Nothing I eat will curb it, and everything I eat doesn't really taste good. After my morning Congee I went to my fav coffee shop thinking my regular omelet would hit the spot. While awaiting its arrival I had to breathe slow and steady and was seriously afraid I might throw up. I picked at the omelet- which helped my belly for maybe 15 minutes after (especially the cheese. I am lovin' the cheese). I absolutely couldn't touch their refried beans, which tasted way different from the ones I love from our local taco stand.

I still can't stomach sweets- and today everyone else is tasting WAY too salty. My taste buds are on a crazy roller-coaster ride, and they seem to change their preferences at the drop of a hat.

I'm currently cooking up a pot of West African Peanut Soup. So far my nose is LOVING the smell of it, and I hope my taste buds and then belly love it as well! Fingers crossed.

I am hoping this all day nausea isn't the start of a new 'thing.' We have our annual company Client Appreciation Party on Sunday, and I will be sending my prayers to the powers that be that I feel well enough to be there and be present (4 hours of standing and socializing outside in our Texas heat!).

All in all, I am still grateful to be having symptoms that clearly point to our little one growing and developing. As I've said before, I am willing to take on anything that comes for the health of this baby!

 But this part is definitely not fun.


Update: my soup is absolutely hitting the spot! All that ginger probably helps. Grateful I have a big pot of it that should last for several days. Sweet relief (for now).


  1. How many weeks are you? I didn't stop feeling nauseated until around 16/17 weeks. Hang in there. It gets better. I promise :)

    I'm in total agreement that I'll take any yucky symptom over not being pregnant at all.

    So glad you found my blog and I look forward to following your journey too!

    1. I'm 7 weeks today! Hoping this doesn't last very long- but as you said, I'll take whatever comes if it means I have a healthy pregnancy. : )

  2. Bummer on the nausea. I do appreciate how much pregnancy makes you "notice" your body on a much higher level. Only wish you were experiencing the more enjoyable symptoms...