Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our TTC Overview

Welcome to the ICLW folks stopping by!

I thought it might be good to introduce myself, and give a snapshot of our almost 3 year TTC journey:

July 2008: I marry my "Babycakes" (BC) in Austin, TX
April 2009: We decide to start officially trying for a family
April 2010: My regular OB/GYN gives me the 'unexplained infertility' label
Fall 2010 I begin seeing a fertility specialist
December 2010: 50mg Clomid (produces 3 follicles!) = BFN
January 2011: 50mg Femara (just 1 follicle)= BFN
February 2011: Back to 50 mg Clomid (1 follicle) + IUI = BFN
June 2011: Laparoscopic surgery revealed (and cleared) Stage III endometriosis.
June 2011: IUI = BFN
July 2011: 50 mg Clomid (1 follicle) + IUI = BFN
September 2011: IUI= BFN
October 2011: IUI= BFN (are you seeing a theme here?)
November 2011: move into my first injectables cycle with Gonal-F + 2 IUI's (3 follicles released)
December 2011: Holy S***- first every BFP!! Sadly, ended in a chemical pregnancy days later
BREAK due to ovarian cyst
February 2012: 2nd Injectables cycle w. Gonal F and 2 IUI's= BFN (only 1 follicle released)
March 2012: With cysts on both ovaries, my doc told me this month was out for interventions. On March 20th- testing on a whim, I got a surprise, natural BFP!!! In total shock.

We are now a bit over 8 weeks along on our journey, and praying daily that this little one becomes our take home baby at the end of November.

I'd love to learn a bit about each of you as well! A few questions:

*Where are you from? 
(I am from small town Wisconsin- went to Madison for college then moved to Austin on a total whim in 1999)
*What is your all time favorite movie?
(I LOVE Annie Hall)
*If you could take a dream vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
(This is a toss up between another European tour- hitting Paris, Barcelona, Budapest, Vienna, etc- or heading out to New Zealand)

Happy ICLW week! I look forward to getting to know you all.


  1. yay! congrats on the bfp!! you are an infertility anomaly!! i live in a small town in michigan on the lake. i have so many favorite movies that it's hard to choose. i would also like to visit new zealand, although, someplace warm with a beach sounds good right about now :)

  2. Happy ICLW! Congratulations on your BFP- that's amazing!
    *Where are you from?
    Small town,Ohio- amidst cornfields and cows :)

    *What is your all time favorite movie?
    The Sound Of Music- Julie Andrews is my hero!

    *If you could take a dream vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    I've always wanted to go to Greece

  3. Congrats on the surprise BFP! It's every IF girl's dream and it is so nice to see it actually happen!

    I currently live in San Francisco, though originally from Taiwan (my family moved over when I was 3). My all-time favorite movie may be The Great Race with Natalie Wood, though I saw it again recently and it is a pretty silly movie. Still loved it though. As for dream vacation, I think it would involve renting a huge house in the Italian or French countryside, with pool and chef, and inviting 20 of our closest friends.

  4. What an amazing story! Gives me hope! Congrats congrats congrats on the BFP!!! A little about me.

    Where I'm from- Small town America Ohio to be exact and when I say small I mean small 39 in my HS graduating class

    Favorite Movie- Lady and the Tramp and Gone with the Wind

    Dream Vacation- Ireland and Germany

  5. Congrats on your little miracle. I'm from Georgia. My favorite movie is Love Actually. I'd love to cruise for about a month, either around Europe or the Pacific.

  6. What a shock...a happy shock that is!

    Congrats on your BFP...and sending the kid so many positive thoughts...


    Yay for hope!

    My infertility / struggle to conceive became an implied fact when people knew that I had been off the pills for a while...and I still had no baby to show for it...

    It was 2004 - 2010....that's how long my drought was. I lost my firstborn daughter. It was a neonatal loss and it is only now that I have another baby.

    But I still don't go about saying it. It is intimate. I am ready to listen and share whatever I can, but I am still not very open about it.

    Good Luck for your cycle..


  7. thanks for stopping by my blog and ood luck onthis pregnancy.
    about me: im from the caribbean, favorite movie sex and the city, favorite vacation fiji.

  8. My hubs went to Madison!!

    1. I grew up in Northern Virginia - outside of Washington, DC
    2. ELF! Cracks me up and makes me smile :)
    3. I would go back to Lake Como, Italy, where my husband and I spent some time on our honeymoon.

  9. Where I'm from- I grew up in the burb's of SLC, but have now lived all over the world.
    Favorite Movie: Hands down, it would have to be Space Balls
    Dream vacation: I'd have to say a toss-up between going back to Europe or hitting Down Under and doing Australia and New Zealand

  10. Hello from ICLW
    Congratulations on your happy surprise:)
    *Where are you from?
    Small mountain town in Northern California, currently living in San Francisco.
    *What is your all time favorite movie?
    Oh boy, I have a few...all chick flicks I think! What can I say, sappy taste I guess! Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, Baby Boom, and The Holiday are some of my faves.
    *If you could take a dream vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    I have already taken some of my dream vacations, but I would love to go to Africa next and go on Safari and do some volunteer work.

  11. congratulations! i love hearing about natural BFPs after failed treatments. it always gives me hope that it can happen naturally for me, too. i hope you have a wonderful, healthy pregnancy!

    where i'm from: texas (i lived for years in the country north of austin, near temple)
    my favorite movie: it depends on my mood, but today it is tombstone. you just can't beat val kilmer as doc holliday!
    my dream vacation: italy! all you can eat pasta and artwork as far as the eye can see? count me in!

  12. Here from ICLW- congratulations on your BFP! How exciting!

    I would love to see New Zealand....

  13. Congrats on the BFP! I'm here from ICLW. To address your questions, I'm originally from Nebraska, went to school in Austin, TX (!), lived in Denver for a while, and am now in Huntington Beach, CA. Croatia, Nicaragua, Patagonia and New Zealand have all been on my travel radar for a while. Again, congrats!

  14. I've been following along for a little while, but this is my special for ICLW comment!

    I live in beautiful So Cal but I'm nothing like those horrible desperate housewives.

    My favorite movie is Walle.

    My dream vacation is to Fiji. I've never been and for some reason I just want to go. The flight time is hampering the dream though.

  15. Hi from ICLW and congrats on the BFP.

    I am from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. I love movies, so choosing one is hard - Titanic, Lord of the Rings (all 3), Harry Potter (all 8), The English Patient . . . I could go on forever. I love the idea of a European tour, I have only been to Spain.

  16. Congratulations on your new bean! Another Canadian here from Vancouver, BC. Favourite movie - Lord of the Rings (2nd one) and I'd love to go back to Bali where my husband I got married.

  17. Hi from ICLW! Congrats on your BFP. I hope that things continue to go smoothly for you!

  18. Hello from ICLW! Congrats on your BFP, that is amazing and a true "keep the faith" story! I also struggle with endo, unfortunately I have known about it and struggled with it for years, but only just recently found out I am infertile. I wish the best for you and baby during the next several months!

  19. Hi from ICLW! Congratulations on your BFP! I echo previous commenters - your story gives me hope! :-)

  20. I'm currently in a cyst-induced break. Maybe my story will end like yours??

    Congrats & best wishes!

    ICLW #74