Tuesday, April 3, 2012

See Spot, Run

I am definitely suffering from what I call Newly Pregnant Paranoid Syndrome. Having tried for so long to get pregnant, every twitch, every pain, can be grounds for paranoia.

Take yesterday morning. When I awoke and used the restroom, I noticed light brown spotting when I wiped. Cue me to thinking OMG I AM HAVING A MISCARRIAGE! I took a deep breath and did what any psychotic reasonable girl would do- ferociously googled "spotting in early pregnancy" and reading every.single.thing I could possibly find on the subject. I also put in a call to Dr. Vaughn's office.

Consensus? Totally normal. Brown means old blood, and spotting is super common in early pregnancy. In fact Dr. V's nurse said 3/4ths of her patients have early pregnancy spotting. The cause for concern would be if it turns to red blood and/or is accompanied by extremely severe cramping (neither was the case for me).  I had done a full Ashtanga yoga practice the night before Spot showed up (felt great to my body at the time) which may have loosened some old blood and been the culprit. Believe you me I am going to be laying off the more rigorous exercise for awhile! Saggy butt or spotty pants... *sigh*

This morning I was THRILLED when no spotting was to be found... and hope dear old Spot stays away for the remainder of my journey. I realize he may come and go, but every bathroom visit with a clean wipe is now grounds for excessive celebration.

I am 5 weeks, 5 days pregnant today- and my symptoms are still pretty much the same. Very sore boobs (which by golly I do believe have filled in a bit!), feeling a little more tired than normal, and still freakishly waking up at the crack of dawn. What IS that? I have always slept until 7:30-8 daily, and now I am up around 6-6:30 and unable to get back to sleep. Perhaps it is my body slowly easing me into getting used to less sleep?

And here are my final 4 pictures for March's Photo Challenge:

Day #28 -COZY:

Lying with my love in Central Park, enjoying the soft grass 
(which is an anomaly here in Texas)

Day #29- CUT:

Flashback to my laparoscopic surgery. 
No more endo for this girl!

Day # 30-  ORANGE:

I absolutely LOVE fires & fireplaces. Unfortuantely, our home does not have one, which is something I've lamented since the day we bought it (yes, yes- I know you don't NEED a fireplace in the hot Texas climate, but there is something so cozy & comforting about them that I can't get over). We found this electric fireplace at a Wimberely store, and I am a bit obsessed with it. To the point where I asked our architect- who is also a Feng Shui expert- if this addition to our living room would bode well for our chi? Apparently NO- it will 'burn up' the family area bagua. 
I remain undeterred!

Day #31- COMPLETE:

This is a drawing I did back in December of 2010- hoping, praying that this would manifest for me. Complete. : )

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  1. Love this, Jules! 6 weeks! Amazing! WE ave you in our prayers.