Thursday, April 26, 2012

9 Weeks

Here are my week 9 updates:

How far along? Exactly 9 weeks today

How big is baby? We have now moved from an 'embryo' to official 'fetus' status! The little one is now about the size of a green olive.

Total weight gain: 0 (I actually lost 1.5 lbs at the beginning and am just now back to near my normal baseline)

Maternity clothes? Not yet! The only change so far is eliminating belts from my wardrobe- my pants are now staying up just fine on their own and are much more comfortable this way. I am also still able to stuff fit my boobs into 2 of my bras, even though they are about a cup size larger.

Sleep: When I sleep I am out cold- however, I seem to wake up extremely often through the night- and when I wake- I am totally awake. It takes awhile to get comfortable and fall back asleep. I am also managing to take a 20 minute catnap each day.

Food cravings: Cheese! Preferably melted on something. Whenever I think about mac n cheese, quesadillas, pizza, nachos, etc, I swoon. I actually cooked some wheat pasta late the other night just so I could smother it in cheese. I am also loving my new morning breakfast- toast with cream cheese, a fried egg, and of course- shredded cheese on top. I make this immediately after waking as I start to feel nauseous almost right away. I've also been craving steak - especially on top of salads.

Food aversions: I am still not craving sweets, but can now palate them. Last night when out to dinner, I really really REALLY wanted Bess Bisto's amazing brownie/ice cream dessert that normally comes with a shot of espresso. I had them put decaf espresso on top, and it was worth every bite (and also worth the insomnia that resulted from sugar & chocolate that late at night.) Anything too rich or fancy is tough for me- my dinner last night had potato cakes & a fancy brussels sprout salad- all which I could hardly touch. I fell back on the good ole delicious bread and butter on the table! Simple and bland is the name of the game.

Symptoms? I am having all day nausea pretty much every day. I need to eat immediately upon waking- and am able to manage it pretty well as long as I keep food in my stomach. My chest is still sore & about a cup size larger- and my fatigue has definitely picked up in the last week, noticeably so!

Guesses on the sex? I have to admit I've started a Pinterest board with nursery ideas, and the majority of the ideas are for girls. I do have a feeling we'll be having a girl, but don't want to get "set" on that as obviously there is a 50/50 chance it could be a little boy!

Most looking forward to: Our next OB appointment. It took me an entire WEEK to finally get through and switch to my new doctor, and then her first available appointment was for May 17th- which feels so far away! I will be exactly 12 weeks along at that appointment, and can't wait to see our baby on screen again. It will actually look like a real baby this time!

My brother & sister-in-law are here in town visiting from Seattle- and my sister-in-law is 7.5 months pregnant with a baby girl. We had a funny moment earlier today while at a shoe store- the shop owner came out from behind the counter to reveal her own baby bump- 5 months along. So we had 2++ months, 5 months, & 7.5 months- all different phases of pregnancy. And Anna got some adorable shoes to boot! I hope I look as lovely as she does when I get that far along.....

Tonight at dinner BC suddenly turned to me and exclaimed "I think you are starting to show!" I assured him I thought the bulge was due to the mac n cheese I'd just consumed- but Anna concurred that she too thought it was the beginnings of a wee baby bump. You be the judge- here first is a picture I took at 5 weeks, then another tonight- it is a super subtle bulge, and if it is gone in the morning than I am definitely chalking it up to the mac n cheese!

 5 weeks.....
9 weeks! Baby bump? Or cheese......


  1. Awe, you are so cutie! And yes, there is a wee bump there and I blame baby, not cheese. Don't you just love it when husbands notice something?!

  2. My cheese bump eclipses your baby bump. Baby bump, for sure!

  3. I'd say baby.

    Go foetus! I'm so excited for you.

  4. CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!! It's a bump...
    Perusing your blog via ICLW (#86)

  5. I'm a fellow ex-Wisco girl myself and I also have been craving cheese. Is this a pregnancy craving or Wisconsin tugging at our heart? Congrats on the pregnancy!!!