Monday, April 16, 2012

First Photo

I guess technically this aura photo was our baby's first mug shot, but I have to say I think this picture takes the cake:

This is Baby Lambert at 7 weeks 4 days, measuring right on schedule (measured at 7w3d) with a strong heartbeat of 146. It was crazy to actually hear the heartbeat- and BC declared that this was his favorite part of the appointment! I think we are both just so happy and relieved to have seen our little one and to know he/she is growing healthy and strong. Dr. Vaughn said our risk of miscarriage now goes down to 6-7%, so that was super reassuring to hear!

As far as symptoms go, my nausea is totally playing hide and seek with me. The last 2 days it has been seeking me throughout the night- causing me to feel quite unwell when I wake between sleep cycles, and hence interrupting my sleep quite a bit. This morning I got SUPER close to throwing up- I *think* because my prenatal vitamin might have just hit my stomach (I did have food in there, but possibly not enough). My boobs are still very sore and up about a cup size, and aside from the occasional sharp tug around my belly, that is really it. Spot has been MIA for almost a week now, and I say GOOD RIDDANCE to him!

We had our company Client Appreciation Party yesterday, and happily my nausea stayed at bay for the duration of the event. I brought my own metal coffee mug to drink out of- typically it would have been filled with beer, but this year I had plenty of water in there (and the party goers were none the wiser!)

Our Juice Homes, LLC team. 
Couldn't ask for more amazing people to work with!

Oh happy, happy day!


  1. Oh, I just remembered that certain prenatal vitamins (Central Market brand) made me super nauseous. I believe it was the extra iron and mega green herbs in that particular brand, but Zinc can also upset my belly (the smallest amounts). Check the dosage of these on your vitamin. Taking it at nightime after a belly full of food is a great way to minimize the effect.

    Very happy to see this sonogram!