Sunday, November 4, 2012

37 Week Updates

Yesterday I hit the last big pregnancy milestone- at 37 weeks, our baby is now considered full term! It is a great feeling to know we have a healthy little one cooking away in there, and that if she decided to make an early debut she is in great shape to do so.

How far along? 37w1d today

How big is baby? The size of a watermelon! At our ultrasound last week she was estimated at 5 pounds, 6 ounces, and will continue to gain about an ounce a day.

Weight gain? Yesterday my scale read 134.6- so up about 2.5 pounds from last week, for a total gain of 26.6 pounds so far.

37 week belly

Cravings/Aversions? Nothing notable... loving veggies as often as I can get them, and ice cream still rocks my world.

Sleep? Better the last part of this week! I have actually been sleeping in a bit, which feels amazing. Sadly it doesn't give me any additional energy during the day- I still feel drained and tired overall- but am grateful I am sleeping longer stretches. I've been talking to BC about wanting more snuggle time with him- and unfortunately he chose around 5:45 this morning to make good on this request, after I returned to bed from my 3rd or 4th nightly bathroom visit. Super sweet, but given my light sleep patterns and that I am still half asleep for those bathroom visits, the snuggling was enough to jar my body & mind into a fully awake, alert state- and I could not get back to sleep. Poor BC- his intentions were so good, but I was mad at that timing, as this was one of my few mornings to really sleep in. Alas, I was up earlier than I have been in days and am now extra tired.

Symptoms? This week has been a doozy. To include:

*The return of morning sickness- for the last 4 days I've had a big supply of peanut butter crackers next to the bed that have been life savers. When I wake close to morning time waves of nausea will come over me and I need to eat something immediately! I almost threw up one morning last week because the nausea was so intense.

*Heartburn- I wouldn't say it is extreme, but it is a bit new to me on this pregnancy journey.

*Looser/more regular BMs- this is a good thing! That colace really got things going again. I had several days in a row of good regularity before things got a little too loose- have laid off the colace the last 2 days, and go figure- NO BM again. I need to find a healthy balance there.

*Fatigue- I seem to have permanent bags under my eyes and just feel exhausted overall. I worked a FULL day yesterday- including showing property for 3.5 hours. I don't think I can do any more long stretches like that anymore... about 2 hours in my body felt so achy & sore from the constant standing, and I also started to get really light headed & felt at times like I might faint. Not good!

*Sore body- I definitely feel it in my hips & legs if I have been standing or walking too much. Walking tends to bring on the Braxton Hicks as well. Last Monday I went to prenatal yoga AND BC and I went for a longer than usual walk after dinner. By about 8pm I seriously could.not.walk. My body was SO tight and SO achy, it was all I could do to get myself into a warm bath & into bed.

All of this together is helping make me VERY ready for this little lady to arrive! I have fully moved out of my "freak out" phase and am now of the mindset that I'd love for her to come soon. Our home is ready, our hearts are ready, and even though business isn't totally buttoned up, I feel ready to hand things off into my colleagues' very capable hands.

Most looking forward to? Meeting our baby! I am so ready and so excited.... just about two weeks left now until her debut. And I should mention here that my cousin- the one who dreamed about BOTH of my pregnancies vividly before ANYONE was told about them (she has psychic gifts like that)... had another vivid dream last week where our daughter came early, before her scheduled c-section. Time will tell, but I say..... BRING IT! I've had energetic agreements with her on timing throughout this pregnancy, to include:

*Not coming before November 1st
*Only coming when she is big enough/healthy enough to not have to stay in the hospital
*Earlier this week I added on to give me through this weekend to tie up some more business

Check, check, and almost check....   if any of you readers want to wager a guess, I'd love to hear them! Do you think our little one will stay put until our scheduled delivery, or make an early appearance on her own terms? 


  1. Wow! She's beautiful! Such a lovely name too! Can't wait to hear more about her birth story!

    1. Sorry! I meant to post this on your birth post!! Just skipping back to see how far along you were ;)