Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boo Bilirubin! And More Firsts.....

We had our follow up appointment at the Pediatrician today. Poor Iyla's little heels are starting to look like a battle ground from all the heel pricks. : (  The good news? Our little bean is almost back to birth weight! She weighed 5 lbs, 14 oz at birth, dropped down to 5 lb 5 oz at the hospital, was 5 lb 8 oz Monday and today is already 5 lb 11oz! The Pedi said I got a gold star for the weight gain- my boobs seem to be doing their jobs well. They like to see little ones' reach their birth weights by 14 days, and at 9 days old our Iyla is already an overachiever. She also grew 1/2 an inch already!

The bad news? Her bilibubin levels went up again. BOO. She got down to 12 at Dell Hospital before we were discharged, was up to 14 Monday, and came in at 16 today. So we have to go back again on Friday morning to re-check her. The Pedi said if the levels come up further we will likely do a formula diet "cleanse" over the weekend, as sometimes at this point in the game this can be breast milk jaundice (never heard of that). If that is all it takes to get her in shape- a weekend of bottle feeds (hmmm... maybe BC can take some night shifts) then I am totally game!

Iyla had a few more "firsts" in the last several days:

She had her first bath at home Monday night at one week old. BC held her while I used a washcloth to squeeze warm water over her. She was a trooper- no tears! The hooded bunny robe I purchased is huge on her, like almost everything else right now. Here she is getting dried off:

We also took our first stroller ride through the neighborhood yesterday at 8 days old. We LOVE our Bob stroller- super easy to maneuver. Iyla took the opportunity to get a good nap in.

I feel SO lucky to live just steps from Austin's Lady Bird Lake & Hike and Bike trails. The trees here are just starting to turn fall colors and we are having gorgeous weather.

And here are a few more cute shots from the last several days- I can't seem to get enough photos of this sweet little one:

We get the comment over and over again that Iyla looks like a little doll. She is such a little peanut- barely fitting into her car seat!

Melt my heart

Rockin' the sunbaths much as she did her moon baths. This kid has style!

Looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our family tomorrow! I am grateful Iyla chose to come early so could fully partake in the Holiday. Can't wait to introduce her to the last of her local relatives- she is going to be getting LOTS of lovin' on tomorrow. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. So cute! Baby Jett got down to 5 lbs. 5 oz as well in those first few days and he was so teeny I thought I was going to break him! I'm glad to hear that Iyla is gaining her weight back quickly.

  2. Oh! I think we got the same bob! Is it a revolution se? We have been pushing it around the house, it really makes tight turns! Love it! I love her darling little crocheted cap! Ah! She's soo cute, how do you stand all the cuteness?!

  3. Yay for well functioning boobs and a healthy appetite in Iyla!

    Sleeping outside is wonderful for babies! In fact, mine is outside sleeping as I type and he's been there just over an hour.