Thursday, November 1, 2012


Our birth month has finally arrived! And arrive it did with a bang. I awoke this morning with unusual-to-me diarrhea and pretty extreme nausea. I am feeling better now post-breakfast, and thinking the colace stool softener I've started taking nightly might be doing its job a little too well.

BC and I originally hadn't planned to dress up or do much for Halloween this year. However, when we got a last minute invite to our good friends' home to have dinner & help hand out candy, it was game on! Someone on my November Mamas Facebook page had posted a picture of a pregnant Halloween costume where there were baby arms breaking out of the belly to trick or treat, and I was immediately inspired. After hitting up about 4 stores yesterday in a quest for costume supplies, the vision slowly came together. Behold, Baby Lambert's first Halloween:

The best was when the baby would actually move or get the hiccups- the doll arms would start to bounce and move on their own. Super creepy!

We also had our last ultrasound yesterday to take a peek at the babe and see what was going on with Franny. Baby Lambert was moving as much as ever (I read somewhere that at this point in gestation most babies sleep 90% of the time... HA! Totally not true of this little one. We are going to get a run for our money when she joins us!) Everything looked great. She is still measuring in the 20th percentile, estimated weight at 5 pounds, 6 ounces- which is perfect textbook growth. Four weeks ago they estimated 3'6, and babies typically gain at a rate of 1/2 pound/week. Given this, she should be around 6'5- 7 pounds when she makes her grand debut.

The baby has gotten big enough that her head was obscuring any view of Franny. So I got the fabulous bonus of getting an unexpected vaginal ultrasound in addition to the regular belly one. And once the doc went in that way there was Franny, hanging out in all her glory, still blocking the birth canal. At least there is NO shadow of a doubt now what the plan is... onward we go to our scheduled c-section. Less than 3 weeks now until we meet our little girl!

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  1. wow! What a wonderfully creepy halloween costume!

    Only 3 more weeks?! Woohoo! May the time pass happily.