Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cloud Atlas + Pregnancy = Sobfest

Babycakes and I went to the movies last night, deciding to see the new film "Cloud Atlas" based on exceptional reviews. We didn't have much of an idea what the movie was about before going, but knew it was a 3 hour saga spanning over 6 different time periods (hence I made SURE we had aisle seats for easy pregnant bladder access!)

All I can say is....Wow. This movie goes into a small handful of films that totally moved me to the point of starting to cry part way through the film, and continuing to sob silently for the remainder of the story. When the theatre lights came up at the end, I was a total embarrassed, blubbery mess and couldn't stop crying. The other movies that have done that to me in the past few years were Avatar and Tree of Life (you may remember my post on that movie here). These movies all share a similar mood & theme-- about the interconnectedness of all things in life- examining the raw reality & beauty of the human spirit. Apparently that shizzy really gets to me.

In other news, BC and I had a super productive day yesterday! We voted early:

I sterilized all of our bottles & pacifiers (and unfortunately boiled to death a few gummy teethers- apparently you aren't supposed to sterilize those. First time mom FAIL):

BC assembled the Pack n Play (this definitely gave him a run for the money- there were a lot of curse words being mumbled as this puppy was coming together):

He put the Bob stroller & car seat adapter together:

And installed car seat bases & mirrors in both of our cars:

I also got offers on both of my new listings! I think the Universe noted my Freak Out post and decided to help take action, and I am oh so grateful. I am feeling SO much better about our state of preparedness for this little one, which definitely helps my freak factor fade. I talked to a dear friend yesterday who reminded me that her first daughter came at 37 weeks on the dot- so I am definitely glad we got so much taken care of! I honestly feel if our baby were to come tomorrow we'd be (mostly) ready. Having said that I hope she stays put a little while longer, but I am getting more and more excited about meeting her and starting that new phase in our lives.

And that feels good. : )

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  1. Yay for a productive weekend!

    I haven't heard of that movie (not surprising, I don't follow what's new), I should go check it out to see if hubby and I would like it.