Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Reluctant Yogi, Take Two

Some of you might remember this post from last June, when I attended my first prenatal yoga class. I lamented about how easy the class was, how I didn't feel like I got a workout, etc.  Lots of Ashtangi Ego in that one.

Well, the joke's on me now!

I have been going to prenatal classes on and off since then, having found a teacher I actually really like. However, I've lapsed in attendance lately, due both to work scheduling and the overall fatigue of my body.

So today I attended my first class in about 3 weeks. And every single pose felt incredibly difficult to this 35 1/2 week pregnant body. My belly seemed to constantly be in the way, and I was huffing and puffing ridiculously. I struggled through the entire class- even the gentle hip sways felt like a bit much. I know I am a bit out of shape (I *might* have gotten winded walking one block up a gentle incline yesterday), but I also think I have just entered the realm of being legitimately "large"- where my belly is out of proportion with my frame. I feel like I am lumbering about when I walk, and that my hips are constantly compromised.

Case in point: the past several days I have worked on assembling a few pieces of baby furniture, which saw me sitting on the wood floor for maybe a 20 minute stretch at a time, tops. Upon standing post-assembly, my body was OFF and tweaked for the rest of the day. Yup- good times!

I find the change in my yoga perspective ironic. I am no longer the tough Ashtangi I once was- now I seem to be more of a wobbly, waddling noodle growing larger by the day. This whole becoming a parent thing is already teaching me a lot about humility, and that I am definitely no longer the one calling the shots!

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  1. Only one more month (ish) of feeling large and lumbering! It was funny to me how easily I slid into waddling... I can't even remember when exactly I made the transition, ha'