Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Shower Re-Cap

My baby shower was last Saturday, and it was a fabulous event filled with so much love and baby loot! And it proved to be a real 'shower,' given Austin got its first major downpour in a LONG time that day. 

My friends Lisa & Carey hosted along with my mom, and together they put together a beautiful afternoon with lots of delicious treats.

First things first- here is what I ended up wearing:

This is actually a maxi skirt that I pulled up & tied with a ribbon, then added the pearl necklace to! I ended up not wearing the cardigan during the actual shower, as it got warm quickly with a house full of guests.

Beautiful flower arrangements put together by Carey

BC was there for a brief photo op before the shower began

Lisa put together an adorable collection of BC's and my baby photos

 My mom and sister-in-law came in for the weekend to help celebrate

Cake Balls!

 One of the huge surprises- BC's sister Anna & her 3 month old daughter Magnolia came in from Seattle for the shower! It was amazing. I had gotten an inkling that one of Lance's 5 sisters might be surprising me, but I would NOT have put money on Anna who just had a baby! Such a treat.

 My adorable mom

Guests were asked to write down a message to the baby, as well as their guesses for her due date, height, & weight. 

Jeannine writing her message

 One of my dear friends & hosts, Carey

 My sweet sister-in-law Jeannine

 More awesome shower surprises! BC's mom happened to be in Houston this weekend taking care of our nephew Miles, and was able to come in to be with us to celebrate!

Our little girl was VERY spoiled with presents. Not sure what I was saying here...

 This was a handmade quilt that my friend Dianne made
 (who also happens to be our home's architect!)

Two of my lovely hostesses- Lisa and Carey. They made the afternoon so amazingly special.

I can't wait to go through and organize all the goodies that are waiting in the nursery. It feels like Christmas every time I go in there!

That's a whole 'lotta love for our little girl. We are blessed.

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  1. I love that you turned a skirt into a dress! It looks amazing!