Saturday, October 13, 2012

34 Week Updates From Our Studio Apartment

Babycakes and I spent all day last Wednesday moving into the studio apartment above our garage, while simultaneously prepping our house for the arrival of our Austin City Limits guests. While BC installed things like towel racks & clothes rods I did a huge Target run toward stocking up our new temporary home. I felt like I was prepping to go to college again! The things you need to think about to get by in a small space.... things like dish soap, a dish drying rack, lamps & light bulbs, TP, a bath mat, a toaster, a coffee maker, a microwave, etc etc. With the small fortune spent I feel like I am now a Target small business investor. BC and I agreed that all the money we were making with this 5 day rental would go right back into furnishing the studio, and we have definitely already maxed out our budget.

I realized that being 8 1/2 months pregnant and on my feet cleaning & running errands ALL DAY LONG will take its toll. By around 3pm Wednesday I could hardly walk- my hips were so insanely tight and sore. My body hurt more and more as the night went on, and I was literally hobbling around as final errands were being run. Having to sleep on our new pull out sofa bed did not help matters much. That mattress is pretty thin and firm, and also seems to slant down toward BC's weight when we are both in bed together. I was so exhausted but could hardly sleep. Add to that the fact that our cat Sam was shacking up with us and meowing at me most of the night and you have one grouchy, groggy pregnant lady.

Things have been getting better since then- I am sleeping a little more each night, and have figured out ways to use furniture pieces to block Sam from jumping up on the bed. We also are slowly but surely finding pieces to furnish this space with.

 BC putting together nightstands. Note the lack of flooring- this has definitely made things interesting in that there is a fine layer of white construction dust covering the entire floor area. We have white Sam footprints on everything, and I had to pick up some house slippers at Target to keep on at all times while home.

Studio bathroom

We loved these light fixtures! Going glam in the garage

This is a huge closet/storage space that currently houses a clothes rack & Sam's kitty supplies

The pub table & chairs I found yesterday (and made short work of piling things on top of)


Studio kitchen and Sam photo bomb

On to my 34 week updates:

How far along? 34 weeks today

How big is baby? The size of a butternut squash- she should be around 4-5 pounds now. The 34 week marker is an important one in a baby's development, as her lungs have finally gotten to a point of maturity where IF I were to go into early labor I wouldn't need steroids to help strengthen them- there is a good chance she would be able to breathe well on her own. This is the time in her gestation where the goal for her is just to pack on the pounds & baby wrinkles!

Weight gain? I have no idea, since we didn't bring the scale up to the studio with us! I'll do a weight check on Monday when we move back into our house.

UPDATE: Back home now, and weighed myself this morning at 34w3d. Up 21.8 lbs- so I would *guess* at the 34 week point I had about a pound gain over last week, for a total of 21 pounds.

34 week belly shot from the new full length mirror BC installed 

Cravings/Aversions? Nothing too notable this week. I did have a night when I wanted some steak- it's been awhile since I felt that way. Also still digging desserts.

Sleep? Not great. Pre-studio I was having regular schizophrenic brain episodes, despite my magic sleep elixir. Now in the studio I am dealing with a much less comfy bed & a needy cat. I am hopeful that once we move back into our house our regular bed will feel SO amazingly luxurious that my sleep problems will be history! That would be awesome.

*At the beginning of this week I had several days of miraculous regularity. However we've now swung back to the other extreme while here in the studio.... I am likely not drinking enough water & my body is overall a bit more taxed with the new environment.
*I noticed a suspicious white circle inside my black bra around the nipple area.... and low and behold, there is really only one thing that could be.... I think my ladies are getting prepped toward breastfeeding! That one dry spot is the only evidence I have so far, but I found it fascinating.
*The backs of my hips are still getting pretty sore daily, as well as my lower back (probably due to the pull out bed). I am trying to get a lot of good yoga stretching in.
*I am feeling the baby move a LOT this week! I think it is likely due to there being less room and less fluid to buffer her movements. I actually love being able to feel her so clearly and so often. She is also still getting the hiccups many times a day.

Most looking forward to? That's an easy one- moving back into our house! We are so grateful to be able to have this studio space to come to when we rent out our main house, but man, will it be awesome to be officially home again. We already have our house booked for 9 nights in March for Austin's SXSW Music Festival! Being able to rent our home out truly is a great source of side income that we hope to use to cover our yearly taxes and insurance (property taxes here in Austin are insanely high). We are also in the midst of re-financing our home at an incredible 3.6% rate- which will save us more than $500/month in payments! That will be super helpful when baby comes.

In other news? We've set the date for our c-section! We will have one more ultrasound on October 31st just to make SURE no Franny miracles have happened- otherwise it is full steam ahead, and our little one will be making her debut before Thanksgiving. That is just a little over FIVE WEEKS AWAY! I can't believe we are already that close to meeting her. 

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