Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nursery Progress and 36 Week Updates

I dare say our nursery is just about finished! The bedding is washed, drawers are organized, closet stocked with newborn and 0-3 clothes.... we are definitely getting there and making some good progress. The items remaining to do in baby prep land:

*Create a diaper station & stock it (possibly 3 stations- one in the nursery, one in our bedroom, and one on the 1st floor). This will include organizing the cloth diaper stash & familiarizing ourselves with how to use them.

*Figure out what the little one will be sleeping on in our bedroom (Pack n Play? Rock n Play? A yet to be purchased co-sleeper?)

*Assemble the Pack n Play and Bob Stroller/car seat adapter

*Install car seat bases, mirrors, & baby shades in both cars

*Get familiar with the breast pump- sterilize all the parts

*Set up the baby monitor

*Continue to cook & freeze meals & stock the fridge/pantry (in the freezer so far I have 5 single servings of Butternut Lentil Soup, 5 servings of veggie chili, pork chops, salmon, tilapia, & catfish).

*Stock up household necessities (toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels, toothpaste, lotion, hand soap, etc)

Here are some recent shots of the nursery. I got the cute Etsy mobile! Currently working my bird branch in as a sort of decorative piece for now:

I bought two floating wood shelves I am hoping will work behind the glider- hopefully BC can hang those today

Here are my 36 week updates:

How far along? 36 weeks today- I am officially considered 9 months pregnant!

How big is baby? Looking forward to our growth scan next week to know for sure, but the apps say she should be in the 5.5- 6 pound range by now, about 18-19 inches long- the size of a large cantaloupe. Her main job continues to be packing on the baby rolls!

Weight gain? Not much this week, up another 1/2 pound for a total of 24 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

 36 week belly- cold front addition! Yesterday Austin had a lovely cold front blow through, dropping temps down from the 90's into the mid 50's. I was pleased to find ONE sweater that was long enough to cover my belly. When we headed out to meet friends for a birthday celebration last night, there was a lot of oo-ing and ah-ing about how my belly 'had popped' in the last week (I had just seen these friends at the wedding celebration last weekend). I think the horizontal stripes probably added to that effect, but there is definitely no denying the bump- this little baby is growing!

And a regular clothed 36 week belly shot for comparison. It does look smaller sans stripes

Sleep? Crappy again this week. Waking a lot in the night and unable to fall back asleep. Not much new there. I actually did get a good nights' sleep last night, which hopefully will allow me to be super productive today.

Cravings/Aversions? Last night after dinner I was again craving ice cream. When we got home I broke out a box of cereal, thinking that might curb my sweet tooth in a healthier way. I stared at the cereal box for a full minute before returning it to the pantry and breaking out the Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. *Heaven*

Symptoms? Still struggling with constipation (worse this week likely due to the batch of cookies I made and largely consumed!) Also just feeling really slow & physically tired over all.

Most looking forward to? Hitting the official "full term" point at 37 weeks next week! We are also super excited for our growth ultrasound on Halloween, when we'll get our last official look at the baby (and Franny). 


  1. Looking great! The striped sweater definitely made the bump pop.

    Great work at everything you've already gotten done. Amazing on the food you've prepared and frozen. I only had a couple of random things frozen and I haven't really eaten much of them. :) Enjoy these last few weeks!

    1. Thanks! In the spirit of full disclosure, the fish & pork chops in the freezer are raw & just frozen, so will still need to be cooked & prepared once evicted. Gotta have some duties for BC in those first couple of weeks! But I will take full credit for cooking the soups. : )

  2. You look terrific and the nursery is adorable!