Saturday, October 20, 2012

35 Week Updates

Our little one has been doing quite the party rounds this week! One of my dearest friends is having her wedding celebration this weekend, and we have definitely been whooping it up. Thursday night it was a Michael Jackson sing-a-long welcome dinner at our local Alamo Drafthouse Theater, where BC even wore an Afro wig (I so wish I'd gotten pictures of that!) Our little lady was going crazy in my belly almost the entire time- I think she's got some serious mojo going on in there.

Last night was the wedding reception. I wasn't sure if I'd be up for dancing, but I couldn't resist the music and the joyous energy of the evening- so I got my dance on for a good hour or so! In my wedge heels, no less. I had to pause a few times for muscle pulls here and there, but overall I had a blast. It is probably the most exercise I've gotten in weeks! My body was definitely a little mad when I got home last night, and I passed out hard for a good nights' sleep (though I still woke up at 6am. Dammit!)

I totally stole this picture off Facebook- taken by Cory Ryan at last night's reception. I have been SO bad about taking pictures lately! I am the lumbering lady getting down in the bottom right hand corner. Good gracious- I sure hope I didn't embarrass myself last night! I love how my friend Mike- just to the left of me- appears to be giving me the stink eye.

There were so many friends at the gathering that I haven't seen in a long time- it felt like a reunion of sorts. The most popular questions of the evening went like this:

*How are you feeling?
*How much longer?
*Do you have a name?
*Are you ready?

BC and I also observed that almost everyone had advice for us, whether they were parents or not. And the advice and sweet sentimentality got more and more entertaining as the night went on and the cocktails flowed! Overall it was an amazing reception- absolutely perfect weather, and we felt so surrounded by love & community.

Another stolen FB picture. How gorgeous is this couple? I hope they get working on some friends for Baby Lambert soon.

On to my 35 week updates!

How far along? 35 weeks today. I learned the term "35/35" on my November Mamas board- 35 weeks pregnant, 35 days to go. Though technically with our scheduled c-section I am 35/31. One of the resounding 'themes' last night was that of people telling me stories about babies coming two weeks early.... cue me to putting together a lengthy "honey-do" list for BC and I this weekend, as I want to get our baby prep seriously under way!

How big is baby? The size of a large cantaloupe, apparently. She has almost maxed out in height, but will continue to gain weight in these final weeks. The apps estimate babies of this age to be around 5- 5.5 pounds on average. We have another growth scan on October 31st, and it will be interesting to see where our little one falls. I feel her moving ALL the time now, likely b/c there isn't a lot of room left to buffer the movements. She's a busy girl in there!

Weight gain? The scale read 131.4 this morning- so up about 2 pounds from last week, for a total weight gain of 23.4 lbs. Happy for this little one to be packing on all she can (well, I HOPE it is the little one packing on the pounds, and not just additional padding on my rear. Which is entirely possible).

35 week belly

Cravings/Aversions? I'm able to stomach red meat again this week- not craving a lot of it, but not repulsed by it. Also headed out for ice cream a few times- chocolate with hot fudge on top. Yum!

Sleep? Falling asleep fine and waking about 3-4 times to use the bathroom in the night. I still cannot for the life of me get back to sleep after the final wake, which is usually in the window of 5:30-6:30am. I force myself to stay laying in bed, hoping for another round of sleep to take, but alas, I usually resolve myself to getting up by 6:30.

Symptoms? Overall I am still doing really well. I'm a bit sleepy due to the early wakefulness, and my hips & lower back are getting tight and sore daily. I am definitely moving slower these days, but it's nothing I can't handle.

Most looking forward to? Finishing up preparations for the baby. These include assembling equipment, hanging things in her nursery, washing the rest of the clothes/blankets, and prepping the cloth diaper stash. I'm also looking forward to our doctor's appointment this Thursday, when BC will finally meet the Nurture OBGYN team.

And WOW...just realized when I looked at the date that one month from today we are having a baby! Eek!

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  1. I remember the sweet anticipation with both pregnancies. Savor it.