Saturday, November 10, 2012

38 Week Updates and a Birthday

No- not that Birth Day yet.....

On Thursday I officially turned 37 years old (wow- that looks old to type!). It's strange how some years I have better connotations with the numbers than others- 36 was "eh," but 37 feels good (I keep joking with BC- who is 5 years my senior- that 37 is heaven!). Maybe it is because there are such incredible things to look forward to in this upcoming year.

I started off my birthday morning meeting a girlfriend for a lovely brunch followed by some Anthropologie browsing (alright, alright- BUYING. They send out a 15% birthday coupon every year and it would be a travesty not to take advantage of that!) I worked the rest of the day, then had an absolutely AMAZING dinner with BC at one of our favorite Austin spots- Paggi House:

Wearing my new Anthro cardigan! 
Ordered delicious lamp chops & had a free birthday sampler dessert tray compliments of the restaurant. Heaven.

We kept the celebration going last night, inviting a few friends to meet us out at the Driskill Hotel bar. Four and a half years ago we stayed at the Driskill Hotel for our honeymoon, and it is another Austin staple we are madly in love with. Given we are only about a week out from baby time- we indulged and got a room for the night! It was a perfect birthday 'staycation.'

As of today, I am 38 weeks pregnant (and feeling it!) Here are my official updates:

How far along? 38 weeks 

How big is baby? Estimated around 6.5-7 pounds, still about the size of a watermelon (I think last week I said watermelon but see now that the apps said WINTER melon... what the heck is that?)

Weight gain? I've heard it said weight gain often slows in the 3rd trimester... definitely not the case with me! The pounds seem to be packing on pretty consistently lately. Yesterday I was up another 1.5 pounds from last week, for a total of 28 pounds so far.

I am teetering on rising above the "ideal" weight gain line!
 I like to think it is all baby putting on her final padding and readying herself to enter the world. But it could equally be due to the nightly dessert helpings I am having....

38 week belly

Sleep? Doing OK overall there. The nightly baths are a new great way to relax my mind and body, and I sleep pretty soundly once asleep. I get up 3-4x/night to use the bathroom, and am still waking for the day between 6:45-7.

Cravings/Aversions? Same as in previous weeks- loving sweets! I also had an Amy's frozen veggie lasagna for lunch yesterday and luxuriated in every.single.bite. I think I'll be stocking up on those for my postpartum recovery time.

Symptoms? Similar to last week.... nausea when I wake at night & in the morning, some heartburn, and oh so sore hips! I am hobbling around a lot these days, feeling every one of my 37 years & 28 pound gain. 

One new symptom that has popped up this week is a bit of swelling in my feet, ankles, & calves. Nothing too crazy, but I can definitely notice it. All this extra baby weight is definitely having its way with me!

Most looking forward to? Getting business tied up this week. I am in the middle of 3 inspection periods with contracts, which are the most stressful part of the real estate process- so I am looking forward to helping those clients move forward so they are in good places when my colleagues take over. I am excited to be close to my maternity leave! 

Also looking forward to closing on our home refinance Wednesday. Everything has gone very smoothly there (knocking on wood) and when all is said and done, we'll be saving over $500/month at an incredible 3.6% rate. Couldn't come at a better time! 

And of course, we are both looking forward to officially meeting our daughter. I am still curious if she will make an early appearance... she is fully "cooked" now and could truly come any time! We are ready and can't wait.


  1. 1) We have almost the same birthday (I am Nov 9) :D
    2) Happy birthday!!!
    3) You are NOT 37! I don't believe it!
    4) Your bump is so ridiculously cute, I looooove it. So perfectly round! I hope you aren't too uncomfortable :) My feet were super swollen and it is only in the last couple of weeks that I have been able to wear normal shoes again (although they are still tight).

    1. Aw, thanks Robin!! Yes- Scorpio sisters we are. : ) I am definitely getting more and more uncomfortable- I believe you are petite like me (5'2)- so every one of these extra pounds is weighing more and more heavily on my hips & body. Just got back from a 15 minute walk and it was pretty uncomfortable. Home STRETCH now, literally. Ha!

  2. Looking R-I-P-E! Can't wait to meet Little Lambert...